KULR Technology in partnership with Gamma Technologies

  • KULR Integrates Gamma Technologies’ GT-SUITE Multiscale Multiphysics Simulation Platform into Company’s Overall Product and Service Suite
  • Enhancements enable KULR’s engineering team to create next-generation battery designs for eVTOL and EV markets

SANTIAGO, Oct. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KULR Technology Group Ltd. (NYSE: KULR) (the “Company” or “KULR”), a leading energy management platform accelerating the electrification of the circular economy, today announced a partnership with Gamma Technologythe global leader and innovator of multiphysics system simulation software.

Through the partnership, KULR will integrate Gamma Technologies’ GT Suite Integrate a multiscale, multiphysics analysis platform into the company’s robust overall suite of products and services. GT-SUITE’s simulation capabilities enable engineering teams to create highly optimized next-generation battery designs, and in the process allow KULR to ensure its customers have access to state-of-the-art solutions.

“Analysis has always been the backbone of design improvement,” said Dr. William Walker, KULR’s Director of Engineering. “However, moving from a single physics model to a multiphysics model field opens up endless possibilities for design improvements and product performance enhancements. KULR is excited to expand our capabilities with Gamma Technologies’ industry-leading simulation platform.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with KULR, a leader in the battery safety industry, as we focus on the critical needs of the eVTOL industry,” said Chris Walsh, CRO, Gamma Technologies. “Modern rotorcraft designs have extremely thermally demanding mission profiles that include power-intensive flight segments that require in-depth analysis early in the design process.”

KULR will use GT’s electrochemical simulation solution, GT-AutoLion3D, on the GT-SUITE platform. The integrated solution will be used to provide aging and cycling models at the cell and pack level.

KULR recently participated in the 2022 GT Technology Conference, where Dr. Walker delivered a keynote speech titled “Test and Analysis Driven Approaches to Designing Safe and Reliable Battery Systems”.

About KULR Technology Group Inc.
KULR Technologies Group Inc. (NYSE: KULR) is a leading energy management platform delivering proven solutions that play a key role in accelerating the electrification of the circular economy. With a foundation in developing, manufacturing and licensing next-generation carbon fiber thermal management technologies for use in batteries and electronic systems, KULR has evolved its overall suite of products and services to enable its interdisciplinary customers to operate in an efficient and sustainable manner. way of operation.For more information, please visit https://www.kulrtechnology.com/.

About Gamma Technologies, Inc.
GT develops and licenses GT-SUITE, a leading multiphysics CAE simulation software. GT-SUITE includes a complete library of physics-based modeling templates covering fluid flow, thermal systems, mechanics, electrical, magnetics, chemistry, and controls. It supports the entire development cycle from concept to proof. GT-SUITE applications include a variety of engineered systems such as conventional and hybrid vehicles, powertrains, engines, motors, compressors, catalysts, acoustics, cooling, thermal management, HVAC, hydraulics, lubrication, multi-body mechanics, and more.

GT also developed GT-AutoLion, the leading Li-Ion battery simulation software for battery suppliers and OEMs for 1D and 3D battery analysis and design. It is a physics-based predictive simulation tool that models battery electrochemical processes. The integration of GT-AutoLion and GT-PowerForge with GT-SUITE further enhances the comprehensive xEV analysis capabilities of this leading platform.More information is available at www.gtisoft.com.

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