Kanye West reportedly nowhere to be found as ex-business manager tries to serve him

A contract lawsuit worth $4.5 million could be filed against the rapper after one of Ye’s former business managers had reportedly been unsuccessfully trying to find him.

Thomas St. John, the former business manager of rapper Kanye West, filed a $4.5 million lawsuit against him this year over alleged unpaid fees.but sun Report now to St. John has been unable to find Ye to serve him, so he asks for an extension.

According to reports, a court document stated that “in general, it is difficult for us to determine the best current address for Kanye West,” noting that “we attempted to serve him by mail” at “three different addresses.” . Packages delivered to one address were reportedly returned to the sender.

Filing instructions St. John’s team “has not yet attempted to serve him in person” as “his current address could not be determined”.

according to TMZYe has been living “a nomadic life for months, running around with no real home,” although he was spotted in Los Angeles this month. The lawsuit from St. John also claims Ye screamed at him and became “intense and combative” at a meeting in January 2022. He is being sued as the rapper faces a series of anti-Semitic comments. Widespread backlash.

The document also says that St. John was unable to contact Yeh’s lawyer as he does not appear to have one at the moment, sun report. In October, reports surfaced that Ye was teaming up with Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s take on Amber Heard Attorney for the lawsuit. But their working relationship reportedly ended days later when Ye refused to retract his anti-Semitic remarks.

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