Josh McDaniels, Raiders ‘all in’ in aggressive play

Kansas City, Missouri — Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels defended his decision to attempt a two-point conversion late in the fourth quarter on Monday night instead of kicking an extra, his players This call is also supported.

Even with failed attempts, they did, and the Raiders ended up going into their bye week 1-4 with a 30-29 loss to the Chiefs.

“I think in that situation, [Kansas City] There was a lot of momentum on offense, obviously in the second half,” McDaniels said. “Our game made us feel really good. I think we’ll get a look that gives us a chance to try it out. “

Josh Jacobs rushed for a career-high 154 yards and 21 touchdowns before being tucked near the goal line with 4:27 left.

“That’s what we want,” Jacobs said. “We knew we’d be in that situation. It’s crazy, we’ve been talking about threes, fours and twos all week.

“When I got the ball and it was safe to shoot, I knew it was going to be hairy. I really blame myself because I could have gotten the ball over. I know we keep saying we didn’t get the ball, but that’s kind of Situation “If I did, that’s okay. So, I just put it on my shoulders. I could have stretched the ball over it. “

After the Las Vegas defense forced a punt, the Raiders took over with 2:29 left and faced fourth and first at their own 46-yard line with 41 seconds left. Without a timeout, the Raiders attempted a deep throw instead of getting the ball inside, and quarterback Derek Carr’s prepared pass for Davante Adams didn’t complete as Adams and receiver Henry Ter Renfrew bumped into each other on the field.

Jacobs said he also had no problem playing there because Las Vegas didn’t have a timeout.

Carr said he knew the Raiders would try to make a 2-point conversion before they started pulling them to one at 30-29.

“I love it, I love being aggressive, especially on the road, I’m giving it my all,” said Carr, who passed for 241 yards and two touchdowns without an interception on 19 of his 30 attempts.

“When we scored, I was excited, but I was already telling people, ‘Hey, 2! And then I looked at Josh [McDaniels]he said in my earphones… in my opinion, I think Josh [Jacobs] exist. I thought his knees didn’t leave the ground.

“I mean, we’re so close to a 31-30 lead,” Carr added, hands a few inches apart.

Meanwhile, Adams said he was “all-in” on the 2 ball.

“You have to accept; it’s the only way to make the game work,” he said after receiving three passes for 124 yards, including two touchdowns.

“You have to support it. That’s it [the coaches’] Working on this call, so I’m fine because I feel like we have a chance to put it in. “

McDaniels has gone 6-21 as head coach since starting 6-0 with the Denver Broncos in 2009.

“We have a chance,” McDaniels said. “We had a fair fight. They played a little bit better than us. We gave ourselves a chance to get the lead out there and put more extra pressure when they had the ball, that’s all, just positive Go ahead and try to win the game. I know it’s 4:30 [remaining in the game] Or whenever, but our team feels good about it and feels like it’s the right decision at the right time. “

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