infiniDome releases GPSdome 2 dual-frequency anti-jamming technology

Caesarea, Israel—(Business Wire)–Infinity DomeThe world’s leading provider of GPS protection technology, released the latest anti-jamming solution products U.S. Expo 10-12 October. GPSdome 2 is an affordable and lightweight device that provides simultaneous dual-band protection from 3 attack directions for small and large applications.

InfiniDome has introduced the latest in its anti-jamming technology family, GPSdome 2, a high-end solution tailored for defense against small and medium tactical drones, as well as manned and unmanned ground vehicles.

Since GNSS is notorious for weak signals from orbiting satellites, coupled with the widespread availability of cheap jamming equipment and the rise of global hostile jamming attacks from Ukraine-Russia, South Korea and North Korea to the Middle East, there is a need for effective anti-jamming solutions The plan has never been so clear. Disruption of critical PNT (Position Navigation Timing) data means loitering munitions never find their targets, drones falling to the ground, and unmanageable ground vehicles (with dangerously compromised IFF – Identify, Friend or Foe). But because many GPS protection devices are oversized and expensive, it is nearly impossible to find the right solution that makes sense for both budget and operation.

InfiniDome’s new GPSdome 2 breaks just that—protecting mission-critical assets in GPS-challenged environments more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. Its small form factor (500g, 87 x 91 x 61.55mm) and lowest power consumption makes it ideal for loitering munitions as well as drones and small drones, adding resiliency while extending mission time and providing an excellent ROI. Fully remodeled and fully Standalone, the system is compatible with almost all off-the-shelf GNSS receivers on the market as well as standard active GNSS antennas, meaning it can be integrated into existing GPS systems or new product lines, manned or unmanned, including LAVs and ATVs.

With sophisticated algorithms and a proprietary RFIC (chip), infiniDome’s GPSdome 2 analyzes RF interference in the environment, combining multiple antenna patterns to create and dynamically steer the three nulls in the direction of any hostile signal.

One of the unique features of the GPSdome 2 is how it provides simultaneous dual frequency protection (GPS L1 + L2 or GPS L1 + GLONASS G1), creating up to 3 nulls, protecting 3 interference directions within each frequency band in real time (making it Ideal for PNT applications In addition, GPSdome 2 provides the platform and its command and control, actionable real-time intelligence, and analysis of GPS attacks detected in the field.

Omer Sharar, CEO of infiniDome, said: “We are very proud to present our latest solution for protecting small and medium UAVs and ground vehicles from GPS interference. With the disruptive advantages of C-SWaP and dual frequency and multidirectional With zero features, we’re confident our latest product will hit the market.”

The GPSdome 2 is a dual-use, non-ITAR device with optional Mil-Spec compliance. Only recently launched, it has been selected by a leading Israeli defense contractor to integrate with their platform.

About infiniDome: infiniDome is a Caesarea-based Israeli startup founded in 2016 developing disruptive GPS protection and resilient navigation solutions designed to protect drones and vehicles from jamming attacks. Its technology is built on a redefined EW algorithm, and its proprietary RFIC (chip) allows its protection solutions – the GPSdome product line – to have the best performance than traditional EW algorithms. The C-SWaP (Cost, Size, Weight and Power) balance in the world. Backed by Honeywell Aerospace and other key investors, infiniDome disrupts defense and government drone and vehicle protection today, and tomorrow’s commercial UAV\UAM segment with leading protection and surveillance solutions same contribution.

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