ILT20 brings ‘Smartball’ ‘Smarter Play’ technology to its inaugural tournament

  • Franchise-style tournament – International League T20 – with 6 teams and 34 matches to be played in the UAE – to debut in January 2023

UAE, Dubai: ILT20 aims to take its fan engagement to the highest level by hosting the International League T20 Opening Ceremony in partnership with “Smartball”. From January 2023, Smartball will assist ILT20 by providing real-time, in-depth analysis and help improve player performance as six teams play each other in exciting tournaments, keeping cricket fans at bay. Happy Earth.

Smartball’s cutting-edge technology consists of an “Internet of Things” device in the core of the ball, which acts as a connection between various devices and portals – technology – communication – cloud, tracking various data points such as ball speed, minutes per revolution, strokes How far the ball travels after the hand hits the ball, detecting the ball’s connection to the bat or any surface, measuring the change in direction of the ball in the air or off the court, and many other desired and fascinating statistics. Through Bluetooth-powered technology, the data provided by Smartball will be transmitted to the tournament’s match analysis provider, who will then make this complete data available to the tournament’s commentary, franchising and stats teams – for the benefit of all.

Commenting on the launch of Smartball, UAE Cricket Council Secretary-General Mubashshir Usmani said: “With the rapid development of technology, it is our responsibility not only to keep up with the times, but to stay ahead of the times, and a commitment to innovation is at the heart of ILT20. One of the values, this partnership is proof.” “We are therefore delighted to introduce Smartball in the first season of ILT20.” “Data has become an integral part of the world of cricket and the way we live, the fans of today. Want to know the stats of their favorite players in the game. We’re eager to see Smartball in action this upcoming season.”

Sportcor revolutionizes sports statistics and helps athletes, referees and other stakeholders make better decisions. Speaking of their products, SportsCor CEO Zane Hall said: “We SportsCor are the market leader in delivering unparalleled real-time data. The technology contained in these handcrafted Kookaburra balls will turn the Information is sent from the ball to the end user – an invaluable tool for any commentator or high-performance manager who needs instantaneous data.” “Once the ball is in the hands of the bowler, we’re already thinking ‘the bowler’ How to practice his skill, his craft and teach his art of deception to a batsman’, the Magnus force phenomenon of speed – spin – pre-action rebound is an indicator that needs to be thoroughly explored. Exciting data and stories that we will see live on ILT20.”

Wasim Akram invited two well-respected gaming superstars to share their views; “It’s something new, exciting and useful. As a bowler you can measure the ball The way you swing or react on a particular pitch, but using this technique, as a bowler, you can go back after the game and evaluate the actual data and see how to start (the next game). As a commentator, I will Being able to see the swing, the speed off the field, the speed in the air, and the speed of the spin, it’s something new and it’s helpful,” commented Dwayne Bravo; “The direction of cricket, this (technology) will definitely come in handy. Useful. Stats are very important, for captains, coaches and players, (so) the feedback the ball gives you will help you prepare (for the next game) and push you forward in the game.” “This Well, I played with this ball last season and I didn’t realize it. It’s bowler stuff.” Watch and learn more about these two cricket greats using and explaining Smartball “here” Information.

The inaugural ILT20, which debuted in January 2023 and has been approved by the ICC for many years, will be played in 34 matches at world-class cricket facilities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, UAE. Cricket fans around the world can tune in to this exciting cricket league on the league’s official media partner ZEE’s linear channel, digital platforms Zee5, as well as Zee Cinema SD, Zee Cinema HD, Zee Anmol Cinema, &Pictures HD, &Flix SD Live broadcasts of &Flix HD, Zee Zest SD, Zee Zest HD, Zee Bangla Cinema and Zee Thirai.

The franchise team consists of 84 international players and 24 UAE players, including Abu Dhabi Knights (Kolkata Knight Riders), Desert Vipers (Lancer Capital), Dubai Capital (GMR), Gulf Giants (Adani Sportsline), MI UAE (Reliance) Industries) and Sharjah Warriors (Capri Global). ILT20 news, updates and interactive chat can be found via facebook, twitter, instagram, tiktok, snap chat and linkedin at @ILT20Official.

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About International League T20:

The ILT20 is a franchise-based professional T20 format cricket tournament featuring 6 franchise teams, including 84 international players and 24 UAE players, competing in 34 matches. ILT20 combines two of the most compelling aspects of the global sport – world-class infrastructure and the most favorable time zone to cater to cricket fans around the world Including franchise team Abu Dhabi Knights (Kolkata Knight Riders), Desert Viper (Lancer Capital), Dubai Capital (GMR), Gulf Giants (Adani Sportsline), Emirates (Reliance Industries) and Sharjah Warriors (Capri Global). ILT20 has been approved by the ICC for many years and will be broadcast live on ZEE’s various global linear platforms, including streaming platform ZEE5.

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