IBM and Sierra Space collaborate on next-generation space technology

space technology company IBM and commercial space transportation and infrastructure organizations Sierra Space Signed a memorandum of understanding to consolidate their plans for cooperation in technology development.

Under the agreement, the two companies will work to apply for IBM’s Space Technology and Software Platform Along with vehicles and infrastructure collected by Sierra Space, organizations in Armonk, New York and Louisville, Colorado confirmed Wednesday.

“Through this planned agreement with IBM, we will leverage its industry expertise and innovative technology portfolio to assess and support the unique space challenges we will face as we build the future of commercial space,” said Tom WaitsCEO of Sierra Space.

The goal of the agreement is to create a platform to support cloud technology and space mission operations, while facilitating the development of new applications in various fields including business, research and tourism.

Using IBM’s platform will advance Sierra Space’s ambition to improve business processes to improve performance. These developments will require further automation of IT systems, applications and data flows, and networks for zero-touch operations. These improvements will help understand threats, coordinate actions, and automate responses.

This technology integration will also enhance the mission organization of Sierra Space astronauts through data analysis and collection.

Working together, IBM and Sierra Space aim to develop a computing environment where users can build and modernize applications, prepare data for AI, and compose and direct workloads through open and secure operations

“Partnering with leaders like Sierra Space will support the development of a stronger space economy in low Earth orbit and beyond,” said IBM Space CTO. Naeem Altaf.

The use of these technologies on land and in space is currently under discussion.

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