Huupe hires ex-Hydrow CTO Chris Paul as CTO

Tech, Connected Fitness Startup Leader Joins World’s First Internet Connected Basketball Hope Trailblazer to Lead Software Development, Engineering

Los Angeles, October 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/—— HupeThe world’s first smart basketball hoop, announced today Chris Paul as CTO. Paul brings more than four years of entrepreneurial and technological innovation experience to the company, including a long history in developing cutting-edge IoT sports and entertainment software. The newly appointed Paul is Huupe’s chief technology officer, effective immediately.

A leading innovator in technology and business, Paul has a long and successful background as a technology founder and senior engineer.He has driven breakthrough technology development for numerous startups, angel investors, seed investments, venture capital and private equity firms that have raised more than $500 million Consolidation of funds, including $1.2 billion initial public offering. It includes being the technical founder of six zero-stage startups and the leadership team of four late-stage organizations.Most recently, Paul was the co-founder and CTO of Hydro, Inc., a company named time magazine Inventions of the Year 2020.In addition, he holds a BA in Computer Science elective in Mathematics Carnegie Mellon Universityand has been recognized for his pioneering efforts in connected fitness, SaaS, databases, business intelligence, large-scale Internet computing and other technologies.

At Huupe, Paul will further innovate at the company, including databases, mobile applications, hardware products, technology integration, interoperability and other developments, as well as lead and grow its engineering team. His expertise in entrepreneurship, venture capital and scaling technology offerings will strengthen Huupe’s executive team, growth and market position.

“I am excited to join Huupe and play a key role in accelerating its technology and success,” Paul said. “As an avid basketball player, I am particularly passionate about the company and its products. I look forward to being a part of the Huupe team.”

“Chris is an icon in the tech industry, especially when it comes to creating and scaling highly innovative concepts that connect hardware and software,” said Paul Anton, CEO of Huupe. “He brings a wealth of experience to Huupe. We are delighted that he has joined our team.”

Founded in 2016, Huupe is the first-ever smart basketball hoop. It brings competition and training to basketball fans and players, including NBA players as well as league stars who have invested in the company. Huupe’s groundbreaking innovations enable kids ages 8 and up to compete on the field or virtually, learn and improve their skills, track their progress, and more.Prior to the appointment of Paul as CTO, the company had grown 400% in the past six months of the year, with a 50% increase October 2022 Be alone and go viral on social media.

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