Huawei’s business and economic growth on 5G technology | The Guardian Nigeria News

Chris Lu, Managing Director, Huawei Technologies Nigeria, has identified a number of ways in which fifth-generation network technology can help accelerate development and increase efficiency in various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Lu revealed this during his presentation titled “5G Opportunities in Nigeria” at the just concluded Zenith Tech Fair held at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.

He noted that there is no doubt that the technology has the potential to boost Nigeria’s economic growth and promote social inclusion. He described the technology as the next generation of mobile internet connectivity that will impact the economy and change lives.
Highlighting its benefits for the maritime and mining industries, he highlighted the need for stakeholders to adopt the technology to improve operational efficiency at ports, improve transport and logistics infrastructure, and mining processes.

Businesses and governments must start looking to the future now to take advantage of the enormous opportunities 5G offers as it will not only help improve efficiency but also help unlock productivity, he said.

According to him, the technology hopes to help businesses innovate, create smarter and more efficient manufacturing, and easily enhance governance processes.

Lu emphasized that with the advent of 5G, convenient connectivity and computing will become the cornerstone of Nigeria’s digital economy, “We will continue to be committed to innovation, investment and customer-centricity, and will continue to launch competitive products and scenario-based Solutions. We are committed to connecting every person, every family and every organization,” he said.

While emphasizing other benefits of deploying 5G, he said 5G has the potential to provide faster data transfer speeds and massive amounts of data for a large number of concurrent users in high-density locations such as airports and city centers.

Commenting further on the other opportunities presented by the technology, he noted that the company has developed an infrastructure strategy to enable intelligent connectivity and redefine computing to enable system-level competitiveness and excellence

Commenting on its footprint in the Nigerian financial sector, he explained that the company is gaining ground in Nigeria by partnering with local telecom operators to build network connectivity with government, financial and energy players, while using its solutions to facilitate digital transformation in Nigeria. Nigeria has built a strong presence. every industry.

“We are expanding our financial network to provide financial services to the public. We hope to use our years of experience in the field of mobile finance to help Nigeria’s banking industry complete the transformation of mobile finance and benefit more people. We cooperate with the world More than 80 large banks, insurance, and securities institutions have established comprehensive strategic cooperation and become reliable strategic partners for financial digital transformation.”

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