How Technology Affects Domestic Violence Victims

Midland, Texas — Groups helping victims of domestic violence have had to keep pace with technology and adopt new ways to help those who may be harmed

ADVA CEO Maisha Colter said: “A major form of abuse comes from technology, this form of abuse can be new, something we easily think about, and it’s important that we expand our mindset to keep victims safe. .” .

Abusers can use different apps, cameras, or tracking technologies that put their victims at risk.

“What they don’t understand is that if they share a password with an intimate partner or spouse and become violent, they’re going to be tracked,” said LeeAnna Good of Permian Basin Security.

Abusers will use child-stalking apps to track their victims. They can also use security cameras to isolate victims.

“The idea that they have the ability to monitor a person’s coming and going is also there,” Colter said.

However, home security systems and doorbell cameras can be beneficial to victims in some cases.

“The Well Ring camera, it can be a great camera because you can see who’s at the door and who’s trying to get in, which is a very helpful thing if you need to call 911 immediately for help,” Good said .

Doorbell cameras can also provide evidence that can help in a victim’s case.

“This gives us an opportunity to validate stalking and what happens to victims and survivors, and it helps law enforcement,” Colter said.

Regardless, if you are in a domestic violence situation, there is always someone to help.

“At Safe Place, we have to work with our customers to understand what technology they have, what technology they use, how they come and go, what passwords they might share, and if they have to change some of those things, we can help them, say ok .

If your partner may be violent, keep your password secret, check your phone for any kind of stalking app, and most importantly, call 911 if you’re in immediate danger.

If you need help with domestic violence or just want to talk to someone, please call 1 800-799-7233.

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