How new technology is reducing wild boar numbers

Remote trigger traps, night vision and infrared technology help capture large numbers of hogs.

MIDLAND, Texas — Catching and controlling wild boars isn’t easy.

The Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Department hopes a new type of trap will solve the problem.

Remote triggering of traps has become the latest trend in pig farms and can be operated with just a tap of a smartphone.

Taylor County Extension Agent Steve Estes talks about remotely triggering traps that can be used in your home, and phone notifications that can let you know when you’re biting.

“They use camera technology, and when there’s movement on the stairs, the motion detection system is able to turn on the system,” Estes said. “This typically sends a signal from a cell phone to the person operating the trap remotely. They can see what the camera sees in the trap. , and then they can basically push the button and tell the trap to close the gate”

Occasionally, raccoons and deer may accidentally set traps and scare away pigs.

This is why many hunters and trappers have started using night vision and infrared vision to track the movement of pigs.

“These technologies are already on the market so people can see and find wild boars, or they can see them in the dark so they don’t have to use visible light that might scare wild boars,” Estes said.

But how do you get pigs into traps? The best way is to train them to eat comfortably near traps.

“Basically, you leave the trap or door open for days or even weeks at a time, letting the pigs feed in and out, and get comfortable in and out of the trap without worrying about it,” Estes said. . “Then once you do that With that, you can really catch more.”

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