How does technology solve the problem of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is something new every brand wants to get into these days, but there are still factors that many marketers don’t always have clear insight into. How exactly does this medium work? Can anyone figure out the Instagram algorithm? How do we get exactly what we get from influencer campaigns?

Technology has brought clarity to many of these issues, and it is a key tool in optimizing any activity.

The right choice, the better the goal:

To make the right choice when choosing an influencer, we need data. Software and tools created by the media or third parties can collect even the tiniest of information. The more you know, the better you can reach your target audience, it’s not just demographics, tools gather niche information that helps create a comprehensive strategy. This means higher profitability for all stakeholders in the ecosystem – influencers, brands and audiences.

In my opinion, social media enables consumer feedback like any other form of marketing.

Bring effective experience:

Our attention spans are so short today that social events may only have seconds to grab the consumer’s attention. Today, we are able to experience things in both the physical realm and the virtual realm. Metaverse or Web 3.0, AR, VR and AI are what we call growing fields with huge untapped potential. That means the kind of experiences brands curate for their audiences can be more engaging.

Measurement and Analysis

Superficial data like “followers” or “views” are not enough today. At one point, it’s all about numbers, how many people have seen the event – the more the better. But then engagement became a buzzword, no one wanted plain old views anymore, and insights into regions, demographics, and how audiences interacted with brand messages became key metrics for success. Technology helps brands and influencers gather the qualitative information needed to analyze impact. This helps to understand the details of what’s working and what’s not based on future campaigns that can be built. In addition to monetary investments, the ROI of a combined focus on effort, input, and resources can be determined as the basis for developing a long-term strategy.

The future: Technology enhances the industry

Tools, software, media, and innovative forms of technology have enhanced the entire influencer marketing industry. There were quite a few successes and failures (remember Dubsmash?). Given the growing size of the market and the value of influencer marketing in today’s marketing mix, sophisticated technology is one of the best allies the industry can rely on to bring a method to the madness.



The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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