Hour of Code puts kids hands-on with cutting-edge technology

Lincoln, Nebraska (KLKN) — A partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides opportunities for school-age children to learn and play.

From simple activities involving LEGO bricks to advanced computer programming, there are activities for all ages and skill levels.

Several other Lincoln organizations set up booths throughout the Nebraska Innovation Campus Convention Center, offering top-of-the-line equipment for the curious to try out.

Grant Aden, a volunteer with the LPS, said a common goal throughout the event was to get the kids to work and understand how coding works.

“When people think of computer technology, they think of games or playing games,” Aden said. “We’re working hard to change that stigma.”

At one booth, Aden showed BeeBot, a tiny robot bee that drives along a designated path, to show elementary school students how coding works.

“We’re trying to get out of that ‘game’ and get into programming,” he said. “We can put the Bee-Bot in the hands of a child and show them how to make the Bee-Bot go through the maze.”

And if kids are up for the challenge, they can use the iPad remote to guide the robot through the maze.

Those interested in working behind the scenes can use the provided computer programs to learn how to program video games.

Regardless of the coding aspect, many students were inspired at this event to use the technology in the future.

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