Herschel Walker denies reports he paid for girlfriend’s abortion

Georgia U.S. Senate Republican nominee Herschel Walker on Monday denied claims that he paid for his girlfriend’s abortion in 2009, saying in a TV interview with Fox News that “The Daily Beast” The account published on it is “a complete lie.”

Walker’s denial comes after The Daily Beast published a detailed description of an unnamed ex-girlfriend who said Walker encouraged her to have an abortion after she got pregnant while they were dating, writing her a A check for $700 to pay for the surgery, and a subsequent “rehab” card was mailed to her.

When asked by Fox News’ Sean Hannity about the reported $700 check, Walker, who has spoken out against abortion rights, said he often gives money to others. “I send money to a lot of people,” Walker said. “I believe in being generous.”

The Washington Post has not independently verified the Daily Beast’s report. Walker did not respond to a text message from the Post seeking comment.

The Republican Senate candidate tweeted a written statement citing the Daily Beast story. “I deny this in the strongest terms,” ​​he said. In that statement, Walker also said he planned to “sue the Daily Beast.”

Walker is challenging Democratic senators. Raphael G. Warnock is in one of the most closely watched Senate races of the year. Opinion polls show a competitive race outcome and are expected to help determine which party controls the Senate for the next two years.

Shortly after The Daily Beast’s story was published, one of Walker’s children took to social media to criticize his father, accusing Walker of lying and saying the former football star threatened him and his mother with violence, forcing them to move several times.

Christian Walker wrote: “I know my mum and would be very grateful if my dad Herschel Walker would stop lying and laughing at us.”

Christian Walker, who has supported his dad in the past, tweeted a video of him hugging him in December. “I have the honor to introduce my father, @HerschelWalkerlast night at Mar a Lago,” wrote Christian Walker. The younger Walker also used his Twitter account to promote conservative ideas.

On Monday night, Christian Walker claimed his father “threatened to kill us” and caused him and his mother to move six times in six months “to escape your violence”.

Christian Walker’s mother, Cindy Grossman, who was married to Herschel Walker for nearly 20 years, has spoken out about violence in the past. In an interview with CNN, she detailed when he “held a gun to my temple and said he was going to blow my head off.”

Walker has faced criticism for false claims and allegations of stalking and threats of violence. He said he has struggled with dissociative identity disorder his whole life.

Christian Walker also said other family members discouraged his father from running for office “because we all know (part of) his past”.

“He decided to give us the middle finger and blow dry all his dirty laundry in public while lying. I’m done,” Christian Walker wrote. He did not immediately respond to emails or direct messages seeking more comment.

When asked to comment on Christian Walker’s post, Herschel Walker’s campaign pointed to a tweet by the candidate.

“I love my son no matter what,” Herschel Walker tweeted shortly after her son’s message was released.

Walker, 60, one of the most famous figures in Georgia football history, won the Republican primary by a wide margin in May. He campaigned with the backing of former President Donald Trump and was recognized as a national champion Heisman Trophy winner.

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