HD Hyundai CEO Chung Ki-sun discusses business expansion with Palantir Technologies chairman Peter Thiel

  • CEO Zhongji——Sun discussing with the chairman Peter Thiel Progress on business collaboration, digital transformation (DX) and business management agendas.
  • Discuss setting up a big data solutions joint venture within this year to build a big data platform to serve the public and private sectors.
  • “We will further accelerate our digital transformation with Palantir,” said CEO Chung.

Seoul, Korea, October 30 March 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CEO of HD Hyundai (former Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings) Zhongji– Sun meets co-founder and chairman Peter Thiel Palantir Technologies, the world’s No. 1 data company, discusses new business development and overall business agenda.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group (HHI Group) October 30 During the Chairman’s visit to South Korea, Chung CEO discussed with Palantir Chairman Thiel at the Fairmont Yeouido Hotel in Seoul. They exchanged views on the upcoming joint venture (JV) between HHI Group and Palantir and the business development of the current bilateral cooperation.

CEO Chung and Chairman Thiel examined the digital transformation (DX) status of HHI Group’s Shipbuilding, Energy and Construction Equipment business areas under bilateral cooperation.

In September, HHI Group signed a master contract to bring Palantir’s enterprise big data platform “Foundry” to all affiliates in the shipbuilding business, and plans to use the platform to establish the foundation of an autonomous shipyard, which is currently under development.

In addition, the two business leaders exchanged views on global inflation, interest rate hikes, the energy crisis, and business uncertainty caused by the protracted energy crisis. RussiaUkraine Amid complex economic crises, wars and shared ideas about business survival and growth strategies.

In addition, CEO Chung and Chairman Thiel agreed to complete the joint venture this year to introduce and provide tailored big data platform services to public institutions and the private sector in South Korea. HHI Group and Palantir plan to expand sales through a joint venture to provide customer-tailored big data solutions in South Korea, which has a world-class IT infrastructure.

The HHI Group will provide the know-how accumulated in its world’s No. 1 shipbuilding business and various manufacturing businesses, and establish a bridgehead in the Korean market and entry strategy. At the same time, Palantir will build a big data platform for customers and be responsible for software supply and operation.

“The meeting with Chairman Thiel was very constructive and fruitful. With Palantir, we will accelerate the speed of digital transformation based on data and AI,” said CEO Chung.

“For a world-leading shipbuilding company like Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, the logistical challenges are enormous,” said Palantir co-founder and chairman Peter Thiel“These puzzles are where Palantir engineers thrive.”

  • About the Chairman Peter Thiel or Palantir Technologies
    Chairman Peter Thiel In 1998, he founded PayPal, the world’s first financial technology company, and cooperated with Elon Musk,and with alex carp In 2004, known as a “Silicon Valley heavyweight,” he invested in more than 150 IT companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Tesla Motors, Space X and Airbnb.

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