Harrison, Ark.Businesses offer relief to Ian-influenced Florida nursing homes

Harrison, Ark. (KY3) – Harrison’s Better Home Care delivered a supply trailer to central Florida on Tuesday to serve the victims of Hurricane Ian.

For the past two weeks, Better Home Care has been collecting donations with the help of other community members. It collected canned food, water and incontinence items to help two storm-affected nursing homes.

“By having my family there, I was able to find the place that would help me the most,” said Meegan Stanbrough, owner of Better Home Care. “I contacted (the family) and they told me they had two care facilities in town and they Many evacuees have been placed.

Stanbrough’s family was in Florida without power for days after the storm. Also affected by floods.

“They were directly impacted by Hurricane Ian. Everyone did a great job. They just wanted to unite with their community and help everyone in their community,” she said.

Her Better Home Care team came up with the idea of ​​providing relief through supplies.

“We just wanted to help. There were a lot of people affected by Hurricane Ian, a lot of nursing homes were affected,” said Abby Smith of Better Home Care. “So we’re just trying to give them the supply that we have here, and a lot of them may lack there.”

Better Home Care loaded the collected essentials into a van and U-Haul and set off for Florida on Tuesday morning.

“I’m doing this work to help people, so it’s amazing that we can help people in this area and we can help those who are impacted,” Smith said.

Better Home Care wants to help those affected and encourage others to find out how they can help the relief efforts of the Central Florida communities.

“We have the blessings of the surrounding community, and we look forward to blessing the people of the nursing home,” Steinbro said.

On Tuesday morning, Steinbrough left with a supply trailer. She expects it to arrive in Florida on Wednesday, heading straight to nursing homes to begin distributing supplies.

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