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Industry research

Industry research

The global marketing technology market size was valued at USD 167,831.79 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.03% over the forecast period to reach USD 368,982.61 million by 2027.

Pune, Oct. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Marketing Technology Market The 2022 research report provides an in-depth analysis of the market size, share, growth, trends and forecast. The Marketing Technology Market includes a detailed description of market size and growth, value, and key opportunities in the Marketing Technology market, and outlines the factors that are and will drive industry growth, taking into account previous growth patterns forecast for the period 2022-2027. Marketing Technology Market research report provides an in-depth understanding of the key drivers, challenges, opportunities and risks of the market. Key players are profiled and discussed about their market share in the global marketing technology market. Overall, this report covers the historical situation, current situation and future prospects. Marketing Technology market research report includes research methodology, Porter’s five forces analysis, product scope, and CAGR status. Finally, the report provides a quantitative analysis of major countries based on revenue share and the latest technological advancements in each region.

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In addition, the research report provides detailed data on key factors influencing the growth of the Marketing Technology market, forecast of market size at national and local level, market share by value, by region, segment, regional market position, Segment and country growth opportunities, key company profiles, SWOT, product portfolio and growth strategies.

Overview of the report:

The global marketing technology market size was valued at USD 167,831.79 million in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.03% over the forecast period to reach USD 368,982.61 million by 2027.

Marketing Technology (MarTech) is software that helps you execute your marketing campaigns. MarTech is the business-to-business (B2B) marketing industry’s term for applications that facilitate successful modern marketing campaigns.

The report combines extensive quantitative analysis with exhaustive qualitative analysis, ranging from macro overview of overall market size, industry chain and market dynamics to micro details of market segments by type, application and region, and thus provides a comprehensive view , as well as in-depth insights into the Marketing Technology market covering all its essential aspects.

For the competitive landscape, the report also introduces the players in the industry from the perspectives of market share, concentration, etc., and gives a detailed description of the leading companies, so that readers can better understand their competitors and gain an in-depth understanding of the competitive situation. In addition, mergers and acquisitions, emerging market trends, the impact of COVID-19 and regional conflicts will all be taken into account.

In short, this report is a must-read for industry players, investors, researchers, consultants, business strategists, and everyone who holds any stake or plans to enter the market in any way.

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This report details all the factors influencing the growth of these market players along with their company profiles, product portfolios, marketing strategies, technology integration and more information about these market players. Some of the key players are as follows:

The major key players profiled in the Marketing Technology Market report are:

  • juice

  • Scan to buy

  • Aptan

  • Oracle

  • 6 Senses

  • Sifang Laboratories

  • Activities Activities

  • the sound of the market

  • Microsoft

  • Adobe Corporation

  • acoustics

  • center point

  • Self-flowing solution

  • Google

  • Nice Ltd.

  • Amdocs

  • sales force

  • Cisco

  • Inside the market

  • acid solution

Global Marketing Technology Market: Drivers and constraints

The research report combines the analysis of different factors contributing to the growth of the market. It constitutes trends, constraints and drivers that change the market in a positive or negative way. This section also provides the scope of different segments and applications that may influence the market in the future. Details are based on current trends and historical milestones. This section also provides an analysis of the global market and the production volume of each type.

A comprehensive assessment of the constraints contained in the report depicts contrasts with drivers and provides room for strategic planning. The factors that mask the growth of the market are crucial as they can be understood as designing different corners to capture the lucrative opportunities that exist in the growing market. In addition, an in-depth look at the opinions of market experts has been carried out to gain a better understanding of the market.

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Overall, the report proves to be an effective tool that players can use to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors and ensure lasting success in the global Marketing Technology market. All findings, data and information presented in the report have been verified and re-verified with the help of reliable sources. The analysts authoring the report have provided an in-depth study of the global Marketing Technology market using unique and industry-best research and analytical methodology.

Global Marketing Technology Market: Segment Analysis

The research report includes specific market segments by region (country), company, type and application. This study provides information on sales and revenue for historical and forecast periods. Understanding the market segments helps to determine the importance of different factors that contribute to the growth of the market.

By type:

  • digital marketing

  • offline marketing

By application:

Geographical Sections Covered in the Report:

The Marketing Technology report provides information on the market region which is further broken down into sub-regions and countries. In addition to the market share for each country and sub-region, this chapter of the report also contains information on profit opportunities. This chapter of the report mentions the market share and growth rate of each region, country and sub-region during the estimation period.

  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • South America

  • Middle East and Africa

Customer concerns:

1. Has this report considered the impact of COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine War on the Marketing Technology market?

Yes. As COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war are profoundly affecting global supply chain relationships and raw material price systems, we explicitly take them into account throughout our research, in Sections 1.7, 2.7, 4.X.1, 7.5, 8.7, we Detailing the impact of the pandemic and war on the marketing technology industry.

2. How did you determine the list of key players in the report?

In order to clearly reveal the competitive situation of the industry, we not only specifically analyze the leading enterprises with the right to speak in the world, but also specifically analyze the regional small and medium-sized enterprises that play a key role and have great growth potential.
Please find the list of key players in the summary.

3. What is your primary data source?

Use both primary and secondary data sources when compiling reports.
Primary sources include extensive interviews with key opinion leaders and industry experts such as seasoned frontline employees, directors, CEOs and marketing executives, downstream distributors, and end users.

Secondary sources include research on top companies’ annual and financial reports, public filings, new journals, and more. We also work with some third-party databases.
Please find a more complete list of data sources in chapters 11.2.1 and 11.2.2.

4. Can I modify the scope of the report and customize it to my requirements?

Yes. Multi-dimensional, in-depth, high-quality customized needs help customers accurately grasp market opportunities, easily respond to market challenges, rationally formulate market strategies, and act quickly to win sufficient market competition time and space for customers.

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Detailed Table of Contents of Global Marketing Technology Market Report 2022

1 Marketing Technology Market Overview

1.1 Product Overview and Scope of Marketing Technology Market
1.2 Marketing Technology Market Segmentation by Type
1.2.1 Global Marketing Technology Market Sales Volume and CAGR Comparison by Type (2017-2027)
1.3 Global Marketing Technology Market Segmentation by Application
1.3.1 Marketing Technology Market Consumption (Sales) Comparison by Application (2017-2027)
1.4 Global Marketing Technology Market, Region-wise (2017-2027)
1.4.1 Global Marketing Technology Market Size (Revenue) and CAGR Comparison by Region (2017-2027)
1.4.2 United States Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.4.3 European Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.4.4 China Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.4.5 Japan Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.4.6 India Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.4.7 Southeast Asia Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.4.8 Latin America Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.4.9 Middle East and Africa Marketing Technology Market Status and Prospect (2017-2027)
1.5 Global Marketing Technology Market Size (2017-2027)
1.5.1 Global Marketing Technology Market Revenue Status and Outlook (2017-2027)
1.5.2 Global Marketing Technology Market Sales Status and Outlook (2017-2027)
1.6 Global Macroeconomic Analysis
1.7 Influence of Russian-Ukrainian War on Marketing Technology Market

2 Industry Outlook

2.1 Technology Status and Trends of Marketing Technology Industry
2.2 Industry entry barriers
2.2.1 Analysis of Financial Barriers
2.2.2 Analysis of technical barriers
2.2.3 Analysis of Talent Barriers
2.2.4 Fire barrier analysis
2.3 Analysis of Driving Factors of Marketing Technology Market
2.4 Analysis of Marketing Technology Market Challenges
2.5 Emerging Market Trends
2.6 Analysis of Consumer Preference
2.7 Development Trend of Marketing Technology Industry under the COVID-19 Epidemic
2.7.1 Overview of Global COVID-19 Status
2.7.2 Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on the Development of Marketing Technology Industry


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