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The Bahamas-based Kanoo Innovation Center is looking for local entrepreneurs who will receive technical support and training to develop and grow technology-based businesses.

The center is an innovation accelerator jointly designed with Draper University, the leading authority on Silicon Valley accelerator programs in the United States.

Kanoo accelerates startups by providing participants with the tools, technology and funding to identify problems and generate innovative solutions.

Davina Bain, co-founder of the centre, said recently at the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) online discussion programme ‘Studio 58A’ that successful applicants will undergo several weeks of training to translate their ideas into What she calls ‘Minimum Viable Product’.

The submission deadline is November 15, and applicants using the registration code “Studio 58A” will be given priority in the selection process.Interested parties can visit for application requirements.

“We built a direct bridge to Silicon Valley with Draper University to leverage their network of venture capitalists. It is also a way for Caribbean entrepreneurs to connect and share ideas in an ecosystem to ensure businesses expand globally was able to scale up in the region before,” Bain said.

She added that the organization focuses on supporting entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who use technology to solve problems or build solutions that can be applied in the region.

“We have three levels in this incremental programming. You have the initial cohort, two weeks. In February, we [will] There’s level two, which is a pre-accelerator; that’s going to last four weeks. The top 30 of the program will be admitted, and then the top 10 will go to the immersion program in Silicon Valley,” Bain explained further.

Khadija Ghazi, head of partnerships and business development at Draper University, said the training sessions are being conducted by other entrepreneurs building businesses in the tech industry.

“We only bring in entrepreneurs, builders, transitioners, failures, and people who raise money and provide content. We also have Discord groups where discussions take place and you’re surrounded by other entrepreneurs sharing what they’re doing idea,” Ghazi said.

She added that once the training is complete, entrepreneurs will also become part of a wider ecosystem for mentoring and other forms of support.

“My favorite thing [is], this is not the “seal” in two weeks. You will be part of the largest startup ecosystem in the world. Did you learn something that you couldn’t apply?you come back for advice, guidance or funding [support, and] You will continue to be part of this ecosystem,” Ghazi explained.

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