Group urges FG to invest in modern technology to improve border controls Nigeria Guardian News

The African Association of Professional Freight Forwarders and Logistics of Nigeria (APFFLON) has urged the federal government to invest in modern technology for effective border security.

The group also called on the government to develop comprehensive and appropriate insurance and benefit plans for all security personnel and take seriously stakeholder engagement in all border communities to gather intelligence quickly.

APFFLON National President Frank Ogunojemite, while condemning the attack by smugglers in the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) Joint Border Patrol Team (JBPT) District 3 along the Sinau-Kenu Road in Baruteng Parliament, Kwara State, on October 21, 2022 Years, it took one life and left others with bodily harm.

Ogunojemite said the federal government should equip the Joint Border Patrol with everything it needs to perform this onerous task, such as strong firepower, robust patrol vehicles, routine training and retraining, quality security equipment and cooperation with border communities.

While smuggling as a crime cannot be completely eradicated, a well-equipped joint border patrol force can effectively deter smugglers’ activities, he said.

“APFFLON is appalled by the continued attacks by customs agents. It is truly regrettable that the group continues to drain its personnel to rogues who continue to unleash terror on its agents stationed at our borders. Many have lost their lives over time, And many more fall victim. It’s an ugly trend that requires a high level of intelligence to face.

“In fact, smuggling is on the rise due to the very tough import policies of the federal government, which have a negative impact on international trade, forcing people to seek alternatives by circumventing trade rules. The masses are experiencing severe hardships, if no urgent action is taken measures to mitigate, could lead to unprecedented criminal activity across the country,” he said.

Ogunojemite called on the federal government to review all duties to stop smuggling.

He said creating jobs for youth and job seekers should be one of the government’s top priorities.

He said it was important to help entrepreneurs, especially small business owners, with soft loans and empower them with business skills through sponsored entrepreneurship programmes.

He argues that government policy should also take into account the well-being of citizens, and that nationwide publicity about the impact of not only smuggling but all illegal businesses must become a daily job owned by the National Directorate of Guidance and other governments. media platform.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the Joint Border Patrol (JBPT), Olugboyega Peters, has ordered a full investigation to identify the perpetrators of this despicable act.

In his view, this trend of unprovoked attacks by faceless cowards is designed to instill fear in the minds of law enforcement officers without impunity and without weakening the determination of officers and men to carry out their statutory duties.

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