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As the saying goes, only by giving, can you get more than what you already have. This is true not only for individuals, but also in corporate life. Total charitable giving rose 4 percent in 2021, with more than $21.08 million donated to charities last year, according to researchers at IUPUI Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. For companies to thrive, they must be willing to give back to the communities they rely on to support them. Here are four strategies for businesses looking to expand their efforts to give back and support great causes that resonate with customers and customers.

Make it easier for others to participate

If you organize a fundraiser for a worthy cause but make it impossible for others to donate, the fundraiser may not be successful. Whether you’re encouraging your clients, your team members, or the public to give with you, try to meet them where they are. Likewise, if potential partner organizations cannot easily figure out how to work with you, they will move on. Clearly communicate all rules and expectations, provide web pages and graphics that they can easily share on social media, and make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

back to in-kind donations

It is often easier for large corporations to write checks to local charities. While monetary donations are critical to organizations, many organizations also need your time and the products, services, or expertise you may have to offer. Often, in-kind donations, such as canned food from the pantry or blankets from an animal shelter, can be used immediately. Turn a collection drive into a team building opportunity, or work together to brainstorm and share your services with others in need. Find interesting ways to involve outside organizations in your business, and you’ll develop deeper connections with people in your community.

Look for groups that don’t get as much support

Whether it’s a community food pantry or a school PTO, there are groups of all sizes in our city that need support. When you work with smaller teams, your impact is sometimes more deeply felt. Sponsor a local minor league team or offer to host an event to show appreciation to teachers. Either way, your efforts will be appreciated.

Why support matters to your team

Your team members are your first and most stable connection to the communities you serve. Find out what causes they are passionate about, whether it’s education, food insecurity or homelessness, and ask them what they think about creative ways to get involved and support those causes. Encourage them to help identify community groups that need extra help and spend a few hours volunteering with them. Finally, offer to make a donation on behalf of the team member to the organization they choose to serve. Demonstrating a company’s commitment to causes they care about is impactful and socially meaningful to all.

For our team, it’s not just about making delicious pizza, it’s about finding ways we can support and make a positive contribution to the communities where we live, work and play, and we hope these tips inspire you to do the same.

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