Genesis Global Wins US Fintech Awards

Miami-(Business Wire)– Genesis Global, a low-code application development platform built for financial market organizations, announced today that the Waters Technology Magazine.

AFTA recognizes banks, brokers, asset managers and providers for excellence in deploying financial technology in investment banking and asset management. The Best Agile Initiative award recognized Genesis’ six-month build time for the new, expanded Neptune Networks platform launched in July.

“Developing and deploying new technologies as quickly as possible is a top priority for all capital markets firms,” ​​said Victor Anderson, Global Content Director. Waters Technology“However, with resources, including development talent, in short supply, companies need new strategies to innovate and keep up with opportunities. Genesis’ agile development and delivery of the new Neptune platform demonstrates that even the most complex, high-performance and mission-critical Technically challenging, specialized low-code applications can also deliver record time-to-market.”

“It is an honor to receive the Waters Stephen Murphy, co-founder and CEO of Genesis Global, said: “Our work with Neptune demonstrates the speed to market achievable with the Genesis low-code platform and its unique ability to handle complex, high-velocity data in a flexible framework, Enable applications to evolve with business needs.”

In addition to rapid delivery, the modular, low-code software design produced on the Genesis low-code application development platform enables Neptune to introduce new capabilities to its community and market more easily and quickly. Updating Neptune to provide new data or functionality, rather than modifying legacy code, requires only adding modules or modifying modules already in the system.

Genesis sees significant growth in 2022, expanding the reach of its low-code platform in the financial industry. Major company milestones include:

About Genesis

Genesis gets rid of legacy problems and replaces buy and build challenges with buy build solutions. Purpose-built for financial market organizations, the Genesis low-code platform powers application development with the speed, performance, and flexibility these organizations need for sustained competitive advantage. With highly composable and customizable components, development teams can accelerate innovation today while scaling for tomorrow.

Whether extending the functionality of legacy applications or building entirely new applications or platforms, Genesis provides developers with reusable components, development tools, and documentation. Built with modern technology and an event-driven architecture, the platform can meet the performance and scalability needs of major financial market institutions around the world.

Genesis has global offices in Miami, New York, Charlotte, London, Leeds, Sao Paulo, Dublin and Bangalore, with strategic support from Bank of America, BNY Mellon and Citibank.

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