For Draymond Green, video changed everything

I’m from the Open Gym at Sobrante Park, Midnight League at Brookfield, pickup basketball at Mosswood Park, Hoop-It-Up Tournament at the gym parking lot. I’m not great, but I’m there and know very well that someone shaking their jaw in basketball isn’t the biggest news.

Now, sticking with this street code concept, what’s next for the Golden State Warriors? one of several options. The easiest solution would be for Jordan Poole to play Draymond Green and have him retaliate for hitting him in the face on Wednesday. The size difference makes this unfair and in Green’s favor. If you know what I mean, this tends to lead to further escalation by vulnerable groups like Poole. Because he can’t get a reward with his hands. So another option is Poole’s brother, cousin, Patenas — someone — jumping on Green as revenge. That or one of Poole’s big brothers, anyone of Green’s age or greater, will fight for Poole through proxies.

But that’s what makes this thing so shocking. Green is big bro. He should be the protector. They love him because it’s his role and he’s dependable. A lot of his actions escaped because of the value he brought, especially in this regard. With Green as your big brother, your back is always covered. He should fight for Poole. Don’t attack him.

It’s a great responsibility, big brother. A very cherished one. Green is usually good at it. Now, he has lost that status. He betrayed his position.

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