Follow basic ethics and serve society, says Chennai Institute of Technology chairman – New India Express

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Chennai: The 2021 cohort of around 600 students was recently awarded degrees on the eighth graduation day of the Chennai Institute of Technology (CIT).

In his presidential address, Chennai Institute of Technology President P Shriram advised graduates to have moral values ​​and first to be good people. “Engineers should think about changes and updates in light of technological change. They must follow basic ethics and serve society with their discoveries, and these inventions must be environmentally sustainable,” he said.

In his keynote speech, Gajendran Ganesapandian of Paypal Senior MTS advised graduates to respect their parents and cherish good relationships with colleagues. He said it was necessary to attend events organized by entrepreneurs to gain new experiences. Ishvinder Singh of Cisco’s Social Innovation Group emphasizes the need to learn every day.

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