Fantasy Football Ranking Week 10: Sleeper, Start, Sit | Rachaad White, Wan’Dale Robinson and more

We are in double digits! Yes, fantasy football is taking off because we’re in week 10 and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Oops, your trade deadline is getting closer, so as with fantasy football rankings, don’t forget to buy and sell, 101 pieces (link below) to help you make trade decisions and lineups (find me in the comments section) — also, Fun Row of the Week: Soccer Party Food!

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2022 Week 10 Fantasy Football Sleeper

🚨Look up 🚨 These are sleepers. They don’t copy my rankings 100%. This is chasing upside, which usually brings more risk.


Likely to start: Daniel Jones, New York — Jones’ worst game of the season heading into the bye, but it came up against a sneaky decent defense (Seahawks). With a week off to reschedule and plan the Texans game, Jones should bounce back…well, mostly for the game, not Jones’ passing ability. Jones’ legs have really boosted his fantasy value, rushing for more than 68 yards in three games, and one of his two 20-plus games with a rushing touchdown (or two). Hopefully Jones doesn’t choke like Week 8.

run back

Possible Start: Rachaad White, TB — Reportedly, the Buccaneers are likely to rely more on White as the season draws to a close, and the game against the Seahawks could start this week. While the Seahawks defended their receivers better than expected, they were vulnerable to catch-and-run backs as Austin Eckler annihilated them with a 12-12-96-1 line, Alvin Kamara With 6-6-91 catches, Javonte Williams won 12-11-65-0 in Week 1 and even James Connor won 5-5-19 in last week’s return .

Hail Mary Begins: Isiah Pacheco, KC — As mentioned on the podcast, I don’t want to have anything to do with the Chiefs, Broncos, Rams and Bills backcourts…if possible. Yes, we probably need to use someone every week, especially in the offense of the Chiefs and Bills, and this time, we can shoot for Pacheco’s advantage. That’s hoping for a touchdown and running while keeping the lead. The backcourt is a real committee, with Jerick McKinnon outperforming the others, but Pacheco will likely see more runs (no pun intended) with a healthy lead, The Chiefs were supposed to play the Jaguars.

wide receiver

Likely to start: DeAndre Carter, LAC — Josh Palmer’s advice paid off well, so let’s turn to Carter this week. He’s a solid pick in Week 9, but has more of an edge against the 49ers, even though it might seem that way on paper. The 49ers are near the top of the league in 20-plus-yard receptions, and yes, some of it belongs only to Cooper Cooper, but even the Panthers had four such receptions in Week 5. Carter has a lot of potential with 10.4 Air/TGT and 20.8 percent of his catches over 20 yards, despite mostly playing out of the open. Carter has a great chance of appearing great and not failing.

Likely to start: Wan’Dale Robinson, New York — From Weeks 6 to 8, Robinson tied with Darius Slayton for the team’s goal percentage (17.6) and had the most receptions (11), while he was just three catchers One of the players in the squad. That’s how he trailed 3-2-15-0 before the bye (thank you, Daniel Jones). It’s the first two games we want him to emulate because the game is favorable (the Texans), as long as the Giants don’t get too big and time out too early.

Hail Mary Begins: Donovan People Jones, CLE — Oddly enough, Amari Cooper dominated at home, but struggled a bit on the way to DPJ. The Browns have a three-to-five road game at home, however, the People’s Jones is 20-13-215 on the road and 26-17-202 at home. The Browns also head to Miami, which we hope is a shootout, and Jacoby Brissett attempted 40-plus passes in his second game of the year.

nervous ending

Hail Mary Begins: Cade Orton, TB – Even with Cameron Brate back, I’d be willing to bet on Otton, who has the third-best TmTGT% on the team since Week 4 (Brate played in Weeks 4 and 6). Orton was also second in red zone and end zone goals during that period, turning 30-22-242-1. What really helped was the game against the Seahawks. No opponent failed to score at least 5.2 points at the tight end — TJ Hockenson destroyed them in Week 4, Zach Ertz had a decent 5-40-1 last week, and even the Giants’ Tanner Hudson had a 3-58- 0.

Interesting ranking!
Best Football Party Food

Eating again this week and I have a huge appetite to fight this flu…or whatever it is. I always go the hunger route when I’m sick – some people don’t want to eat anything – so I thought, “Why not make this top 10 football party food list?” After all, it’s the middle of the NFL season, so let’s dive in Get to know…get into the line…and some delicious food. Glad to hear your advice too. I always like to try new foods/snacks.

  1. pizza — Why have a football party if there is no pizza? I even eat many different pizzas – snacks, rolls, bread, etc. – Except for regular pizza.
  2. Buffalo Chicken Dip – I can only assume that this is what the streets of paradise taste like. I have to divide it among my plates or I’ll gobble the whole bowl.
  3. wing — Would rank higher if it weren’t for the insatiable demand for napkins/wipes. Louisiana flavors are my go-to (Wingstop or my own).
  4. slider — It’s really a separate category, but whether it’s burgers, BBQ, chicken, etc., these are a must, especially relative to full-size burgers, which are easier to eat.
  5. Soft Pretzels – I may be crazy, but I absolutely love some soft pretzels – whether it’s the giant pretzel “log” everyone shares, a bite or a full pretzel – and there are so many varieties, from salt to Cinnamon sugar to various foods and more.
  6. Buffalo Chicken Wrap – They are kind of like spring rolls (size and makeup) but just filled with buffalo chicken. Easy to make, eat and love.
  7. chips — Utz beats Lays!
  8. pig in blanket – Did you know the plural is “pig in a blanket”? Cute, right?
  9. Macaroni and Cheese — Simple side, super tasty, you can add different spins on it.
  10. Tacos/Layered Dips/Nachos – You could argue this should rank higher, I won’t argue too much, but the buffalo chicken dip is so much better, I hate beans, especially fried chicken with dip. If you leave out the beans, I’ll dive in!

Reward: Baobab — If you’ve never owned it (maybe you didn’t realize that’s what it’s called), do yourself a favor and make some next time. Like chicken wings, it requires a lot of hand cleaning afterwards, but that’s what clouds in heaven taste like. Imagine the middle of cinnamon – you get every bite!

buy and sell


  • Justin Herbert, QB, LAC -I’m far from Herbert’s apologist, but he doesn’t have a full set of weapons this year, and if Keenan Allen and/or Mike Williams are able to return, the Chargers’ schedule is in the middle as Herbert still has Great advantage.
  • Michael Carter, RB, NYJ — Yes, split the backcourt, but the schedule is favorable and managers may consider “selling high” on a good game.
  • Gus Edwards, RB, ball – Bye for the Ravens, Edwards was the leader when healthy and should be back in Week 11.
  • Courtland Sutton, WR, DEN – Was here last week because Jerry Judy was underwhelming earlier this year and now Sutton is in his middle. I don’t think Sutton will make the top 20 ROS, but the managers have completely dropped him.
  • Diontae Johnson, WR, PIT – Was here last week too, as Chase Claypool’s departure narrowed Kenny Pickett’s passing range and Johnson’s volume was already high.
  • Michael Pittman, WR, IND — Sam Ehlinger at quarterback is a concern, but Pittman is still in the WR3 conversation with other boom/bust options like Gabriel Davis.
  • Pat Freiermuth, TE, PIT — Like Johnson, Fryermus will benefit from Claypool’s exit.


  • Justin Fields, QB, CHI — We discussed Fields ROS sports fantasy football Pod, he’s close to the top 5 in QB, but some people have put him there. I’d still go with Tua Tagovailoa, so if the rest of your league thinks he’s better than Joe Burrow/Kyler Murray et al, you’re going to get the highest return value — even if Fields continues this… run.
  • Joe Mixon, RB, CIN — Not only because of all those touchdowns in Week 9, but the Bengals have one of the worst running back schedules in the fantasy playoffs.
  • Josh Jacobs, RB, LV – It might be hard to sell Jacobs right now, but you could say it’s just a rough time for the Raiders, actually, the schedule from weeks 14 to 17 doesn’t look good, and the Raiders might start to expect 2023.
  • Tyler Boyd, WR, CIN — Seems obvious, but there are plenty of inexperienced league managers who could bite off Ja’Marr Chase.
  • Darnell Mooney, WR, CHI — Fields threw a lot with Claypool in Game 1 with the Bears. Mooney was great in the Bears’ passing game, and even a 5-point drop in Mooney’s TmTGT% is a big deal for his value.

Week 10 Fantasy Football Predictions

🚨 Be careful 🚨 These may differ from my rankings, and I Ranking is the order in which I start players Outside of additional context, e.g. “Highest upside required, even at risk.” Also, based on 4-point TD with QB, 6-point rest, and half-PPR

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***these are no Updated Sunday morning for reference only***

Week 10 Fantasy Football Rankings

🚨 Be careful 🚨

  • We may have found a solution to the ranking widget problem by using Fantasy Nation (via Football Diehards). All three scores work and can be edited by me (unlike before), and the widget lets you scroll on Android (browser) without using two fingers! yeah!
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