F1 CTO reveals new technology to monitor fan behavior

Formula 1 has gotten better year after year, with the 2021 cost cap set to be followed by major regulatory changes the following year, both aimed at making the sport more competitive and competitive. Entertainment for car fans.

Millions of people around the world watch the sport, which means it’s hard to gauge how fans feel about the direction the sport is headed without the aid of some technology.

F1’s chief technical officer Pat Symonds has now revealed they have done just that, using a new advanced software program to gather accurate feedback and gauge fan reaction to their changes.

“We measure sentiment on social media channels. Here’s how it works; our software evaluates comments from fans and derives sentiment from that. It works really well when you want to know if people are excited, bored or angry, ’ explained the F1 chief.

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“Before, we approached this task from the other side. We picked a duel and analyzed the comments on it. Now we read a mood from the comments and see which scene in the match they match .

“I’ll give you an example: Before the Austrian Grand Prix, we showed a feeling of anger, wondering what the hell was going on there. After all, the race hadn’t started yet. After analysis, we found that people were upset about the flare!”

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The time for new technology to enter the sport is opportune, as major changes come into force regularly as F1 bosses look to improve the sport.

Part of the 2023 season that Symonds is interested in will be fans’ response to the sprint format, with the number of race weekends including the extra race set to increase to six next season.

The format has drawn criticism from the likes of defending champion Max Verstappen in recent months, but F1’s main goal is to entertain and please fans, so Symonds will be interested to see if fans agree with the drivers’ vision for the 2023 race. negative reaction.

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