Evolv Technology Introduces Evolv Express® 3.0/5.0, Delivering Industry-First Integration Capabilities Through Open APIs and Advanced Digital Platforms

Waltham, Mass. –(Business Wire)–Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: EVLV), the leader in AI-based security screening for weapon detection, today announced Evolv Express, the next-generation evolution of its advanced AI-based software platform and capabilities ® 3.0/5.0. This is an important advance in security screening, as it now provides security professionals with the ability to implement open integration across most security technologies that venues use to mitigate threats.

The new update also includes enhancements to Evolv Express analysis and outdoor functionality. Evolv Express is the only free-flow inspection technology that digitally transforms security inspections, allowing it to seamlessly connect to the venue security technology layer, all contributing to improved detection and prevention of potential risks.

Managing security technology, the people required, and the operational processes surrounding both is complex and requires a multi-layered security posture designed to keep adversaries out and minimize risk. Prevention must be comprehensive, detection must be comprehensive, and there must be an immediate response to any potential incident. Evolv works closely with customers, partners and security experts to continuously improve and deliver solutions for today’s premises, the pace of modern life and the changing realities of the threat landscape.

Updated features available in Express 3.0/5.0 include:

  • New Open API (Application Programming Interface): Allows integration from Evolv Express to various security endpoints such as video management systems (VMS), video analytics, incident management systems and numerous notification systems, all for layered security.
  • New Data Extraction API: Allows customers to ingest Evolv Insights® security screening and ingress data into their existing data infrastructure to run holistic analytics and reporting for continuous improvement in security and operations.
  • New Evolv Insights® Dashboard: To help customers better understand security personnel screening performance to continuously improve security personnel management systems and operations around them, and to improve threat resolution.
  • New Outdoor System Design: The outdoor system now features a new robust design, making it easier to move over unfinished and sloped surfaces and allowing for simple and quick set-up by venue personnel; customers also have the option to order a retrofit kit for their existing outdoor system.

As Evolv continues to focus on innovation, customers are already taking advantage of the latest upgrades.

For the Winnebago School District in Illinois, leveraging Express’s integrated capabilities has been a game-changer, allowing for seamless mass communication. Winnebago has been using security cameras for 13 years, and Evolv’s new open API enables these cameras to be integrated with the Express system. The same open API is used to integrate with the district’s mass communications system, which manages the school’s online interactions with parents, law enforcement and the Winnebago community.

“We plan to activate both of these integrations in the near future,” said Adam James, Director of Safety and Events for Winnebago Public Schools. “We really like Evolv’s long-term integration strategy. This open API allows us to bring them together into one platform, reducing our time to respond to incidents while allowing us to be more efficient rather than have disparate security technologies disjoint from each other. comminicate.”

Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts is also benefiting from the partnership with Evolv and the company’s new upgrades aimed at enhancing the venue’s security posture.

“A lot of companies have really smart people, and Evolv definitely fits the bill. But they’re also really good listeners,” said Mike Lloyd, vice president of strategic initiatives for Kraft Sports & Entertainment, which runs Gillette Stadium. “The Evolv team spent a lot of time understanding our security requirements and incorporating our feedback into their product roadmap. The Evolv Express hardened unit is one such example. We tried it out in the field and are delighted to introduce It goes into production.”

Rugged units are just one of the new product features on the Evolv roadmap that the Gillette team is excited about. “The Open API will allow us to integrate other technologies, such as ticket scanning and cameras,” Loynd added. “We feel like we have a say in the technology roadmap.”

“Evolv has listened to our customers who expressed the need for effective integration and data exchange as part of layered security. We recognize that continuous innovation is key to continuously improving a site’s overall security posture and reducing response times to potential threats,” said Steve Morandi, vice president of products at Evolv Technology.

About Evolution Technology

Evolv Technology (NASDAQ: EVLV) is transforming human safety, leveraging industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) to make the world’s most iconic places and companies as well as schools, hospitals and public spaces safer, faster and a better experience with weapons detection and analysis. Its mission is to transform safety and create a safer world to work, learn and play. Evolv digitally transforms gateways into places where people gather by enabling seamless integration combined with powerful analytics and insights. Evolv’s advanced system has scanned more than 425 million people, second only to the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States. Evolv has been designated by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Security Act as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology (QATT) and Security Industry Association (SIA) Law Enforcement/Public Domain New Products and Solutions (NPS) Awards in the Security/Protective Systems category. Evolv Technology®, Evolv Express®, Evolv Insights® and Evolv Cortex AI® are registered trademarks of Evolv Technologies, Inc. In the United States and other jurisdictions. For more information, visit https://evolvtechnology.com.

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