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New York, October. February 26, 2022 (Global News Agency) — Everest Business Funding It’s a trusted partner for small business owners for many reasons, as its team of business financing experts always has what’s best for entrepreneurs in mind. The revenue-based financing firm is eliminating an intensified hard credit pull for business owners looking to fund working capital.

Credit cards are often a tool to keep small businesses afloat, but small business owners still have difficulty trying to get lines of credit and loans. The Federal Reserve Bank’s 2020 Small Business Credit Survey showed that 36% of businesses found it difficult to obtain a loan or line of credit because a low credit score was the reason they were denied a loan. However, many small business owners are unaware that they have a business credit score. In fact, suppliers, lenders, and even potential business partners may all have access to a business’ credit score in the process of deciding whether to work with an organization.

For businesses that know their credit score, for better or worse, business owners often want to avoid hard credit pulls. A credit pull is also known as a credit inquiry. It is essentially a request by an entity to check someone’s credit or an inquiry about that credit. Credit pull is divided into two categories: hard credit pull and soft credit pull. When a business applies for credit, a hard credit pull is usually required. Applying for credit includes trying to get a line of credit, a credit card, or a loan. Lenders use hard credit inquiries to determine the creditworthiness of a business.

Hard credit inquiries can appear on a credit report, affecting a person’s credit and lowering their credit score. That’s why, in the eyes of many, hard credit pulls are seen as a nasty part of getting credit.

The difference between soft credit pulls and hard credit pulls is that soft credit pulls do not appear on credit reports and have no impact on credit scores. The use of soft credit pulls in addition to lenders asking about a business’ credit history when applying for credit.

While the nature of business beasts often leads to unmanageable times, business owners should still work hard to avoid compromising their business credit score. Many business owners don’t mind ignoring the fact that a business score exists, but this ignorance can hurt credit scores. Without focusing on credit scores, certain initiatives, such as hard credit pulls, may lower scores. For example, applying for credit too frequently can negatively impact a business’s credit score. Another way to hurt a business credit score is to max out a business credit card, even though business owners always make sure to pay off the full balance due each month. The most common way to negatively impact a business’ credit score is to miss payments when they are due.

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