“Education must be technology-driven and gamified”

Retu Pandey

“Gamification” – a term that has gained a lot of attention recently and has been in the headlines for quite some time, simply refers to the use of game elements to make learning and teaching more fun and engaging. Research shows that games have strong learning capabilities, making them an attractive medium for disseminating knowledge. Focus on leveraging innovation and technological solutions, Retu PandeyIT Director, MIEE, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknowspeaking at the Future Ready Bharat-State Education Summit in Uttar Pradesh.

Retu PandeySchools in India must keep pace with technological developments that are shaping the education sector, said MIEE, head of IT at Lucknoweth Anandram Japriya School. In the face of looming technological innovation, her school, Seth Anandram Jaipuria, has been actively aware that blackboard or traditional education will not last in the long run, she said. . She further said, “We can’t just teach children, or complete academic courses, we have to stimulate their curiosity and thinking skills so they can come up with their own ideas and innovations.”

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Highlighting Microsoft’s connection to her school, Pandey said the partnership entering its sixth year has been an amazing journey. Explaining the importance of the various skills and certification courses, she said: “Certifications help professionals upskill and enhance their work experience and play an excellent role in enhancing personal skills.” She has completed more than 100 courses , and feel that the kind of change that technology brings is free.

Pandey mourned the COVID patients and how her school got around that catastrophic phase, saying: “My heartfelt condolences go out to all the patients of the pandemic, but it has proven to be a boon for our school. We didn’t close our doors for a day, immediately opened TEAMS – a great tool for communication, collaboration and class, and started the same schedule in the same way.”

Pandey says her school organizes many webinars and classes for students and teachers to improve their skills. “So even during COVID, whether it’s hybrid or online, we’ve been able to meet all the challenges in a very simple and easy way,” she said.

Emphasizing the importance of international exposure for students, she said: “We have a very interesting concept in which, with the help of geography, students have to find out which country they are interacting with. So our students have Traveling to 12 countries gave them a first-hand international perspective.”

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Regarding gamification and its assimilation in education, she concluded: “If we incorporate gamification into normal teaching, children will be able to understand and assimilate easily.” Through graphics and virtual videos, she said, teaching will Have lasting effects on children’s psychology. She stressed that technology like Microsoft helps in this regard.

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