ECM PCB Stator Technology opens new facility in Massachusetts.and Montana meet motor design needs

Needham, Massachusetts –(Business Wire) – Electric motor design and software company ECM PCB Stator Technology has moved its headquarters to a new 6,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Needham Heights, MA, while also expanding its operations in Bozeman, Montana to a new 5000 square feet factory.

These centers support ECM’s upcoming global SaaS release and growing electric motor design and software business, serving customers across a range of electrification verticals.

As ECM’s main office, the Needham Heights location houses new capabilities in applications engineering and a laboratory dedicated to advanced integration of ECM’s PrintStator motor software into customer design, prototyping and manufacturing processes.

Bozeman’s new location includes enhanced software programming resources and expanded ECM capabilities in PCB stator motor optimization, testing and R&D. Both new sites are equipped with resources to fully design, build and manufacture integrated motor solutions and program enhancements to ECM’s PrintStator software platform. ECM is supporting its facility expansion and business growth with the addition of talent, including several recent hires for its engineering team.

The new Needham and Bozeman offices add to the initiatives that will increase ECM’s ability as a SaaS company serving the world’s next generation electric motor design needs.

ECM PCB Stator Technology will continue to expand its capabilities in the new year and will soon announce the opening of a qualified manufacturing facility in partnership with a multinational electronics manufacturing company. ECM is also preparing to open its first international office, which will be disclosed in the first quarter of 2023.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, ECM began beta testing its PrintStator design software as a SaaS offering with selected partners, before a general release in 2023.

“The new Needham Heights and Bozeman facilities will greatly enhance ECM’s existing business and upcoming SaaS offering. This will further ECM’s mission to expand the efficiency and sustainable performance of PCB stator, axial flux motor technology globally. sexual advantage,” said Brian Casey, CEO of ECM.

About ECM

ECM PCB Stator Technology uses revolutionary PCB stator – Printed Circuit Board – technology to create the next generation of electric motors for a variety of applications. ECM’s PrintStator software powers the design, manufacture and integration of PCB stator motors that are lighter, faster, quieter, more energy efficient, more space efficient and more environmentally friendly across a wide range of use cases.

ECM has worked with multiple organizations to design optimized motor solutions across multiple verticals: HVAC, Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Fitness, Medical, Robotics, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Defense and more.

You can learn more about ECM’s PCB Stator technology and PrintStator design platform at For inquiries regarding PCB motors and custom solutions, please email

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