Downtown Pensacola Tech Park to be used as soccer practice

After more than a decade of inactivity, Pensacola’s tech campus will be used as a soccer practice.

The Pensacola City Council unanimously approved an agreement between the city and the Pensacola-Escanbia Development Commission to allow the 9-acre lot to be used as a soccer practice until PEDC locates the property developer.

The tech park has been vacant since it opened in 2012 with a $2 million grant from the Economic Development Agency to attract information technology businesses to Pensacola.

FloridaWest and PEDC have since attempted to market the property to a wider industry base, but so far no potential developer has been announced for the property.

Pensacola Technology Park in downtown Pensacola, Tuesday, June 9, 2020.

On September 9, Mayor Grover Robinson signed the agreement with PEDC Chairman Lewis Bear. Thursday’s vote was an affirmation of the agreement.

The agreement allows youth sports teams that have an agreement with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to use the property for a practice range.

There are no bids for the Tech Park:FloridaWest receives no proposals from developers for downtown tech park properties

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