Downtown Columbus businesses deal with repeated vandalism

Columbus, GA (WTVM) – Multiple commercial break-ins in downtown Columbus are starting to add to the finances for homeowners.

Simply Carol’s Hair Salon owner Carolyn Freeman said they had been dealing with the fallout that had ruined their business for four weeks.

It started with the derogatory term painted on the wall, Freeman said. She said it was her first time in the building in six years.

Caroline Freeman said the vandalism started with a broken window. The business next to her had a broken window first, then a week later, her back window was broken.

“One day last week at the window, my window was broken, so it’s been happening from one week to the next, but like I said, we did find in the video that we saw that one was writing the wall, says Caroline Freeman

Not only did the thieves break the windows, they spray-painted pornographic images on three nearby businesses. I spoke with another business owner who asked not to be named. However, she said whoever did this should be ashamed.

“Like I said, I don’t understand why kids have to be wreaking havoc around to feel good, or think they’re brave, because of course they’re not.”

Freeman said she had to come up with money she hadn’t anticipated for the four-week loss. Freeman said it took a toll on her and it started to get scary.

“At this point, now it scares Leary because now you know it’s escalating. You don’t know what’s going to happen next. You know we’re probably going to go out and find anything,” Freeman said.

Under the circumstances, the officer said he would do his best to patrol the area as often as possible. However, if you are caught vandalizing property, you could be put in jail and charged with criminal damage to property, with a sentence of 1 to 10 years. jail, plus a fine.

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