Detroit photographer captures people’s halo with retro-modern tech

A Detroit-based photographer travels the country capturing the halo of people using vintage and modern technology.

Aura is considered to be the human atmosphere created by one’s life story, current life situation and emotions, and is represented by color. Spirit says the color of a person’s aura can change throughout their life as more life experiences shape who they are today.

Since 2017, Eileen Lee has photographed and interpreted tens of thousands of Reiki portraits.

The Rochester native, now a Detroit resident, was introduced to Reiki energy in the late 2000s. Lee stumbled across a book discussing energy, which sparked her interest in photography that could capture the human aura.

After buying the right camera and going on a tour just to find a packfilm for her camera, Lee’s spiritual journey begins.

Halo Photographic Equipment (Reiki Reiki)

Lee explained that a person’s aura color shows what’s going on in their life right now, and it represents more than just the color of your soul. Colors are said to represent a person’s consciousness and unconsciousness. According to the photographer, each color has a range of meanings and expressions.

“You can’t fool the camera; it’ll tell you what’s going on — sometimes, people don’t expect to be very emotional in a meeting,” Lee said.

Aura photography was popular in the 1930s and 1970s and has seen a resurgence in the past few years. One of the many reasons this type of photography is gaining traction is that, in general, people are starting to open up and become more self-aware, Lee said.

Aura Aura has had repeat customers over the years, and Lee said it was interesting to watch their spiritual journey.

“Look at how they’ve evolved, how their colors have evolved…it really speaks to you.”

Over the past year, the Aura Aura family has developed a new project called Color Of Our Energy. In each session, the person completing the portrait learns what the specific colors in the photo are and what they mean to you. Each customer also has access to an online portal that breaks down the halo colors with more information.

Color Of Our Energy uses modern film compared to Aura Aura, which uses vintage film to display the client’s aura color.

Lee’s Aura Color Definition

blue: The lighter cyan or turquoise blue is the color of the throat chakra, which governs communication and self-expression. True blue in the aura shows that a person has an innate ability to express and tell the truth. People with a bluish glow in the energy field have inherent knowledge and wisdom, and tend to rely on their own feelings to determine what is right, without external facts or data to confirm. These expressive dreamers take relationships very seriously. Honest and clear communication is very important to them. They love to collect and share wisdom and cultivate great philosophers. The lighter the blue of your aura, the calmer and more positive the energy you project.

green: The green frequency resonates with the vibration of the heart chakra, which is the center of personal growth and healing. Those with a green aura exude unconditional love and life force energy that can be felt by all who come to them. Because of this, people who consistently have strong greens in their aura over time are often drawn to nature and animals, and are natural self-healers. Being with someone who has green emissions in the energy field can be a very calming and peaceful experience. They’re the most balanced people on the entire spectrum, and it’s easy to give equal attention to their creative goals and their loved ones. They have a sense of responsibility and service to others, and are very confident. The green halo is a kind of connection between the spiritual world and the material world.

indigo: Indigo is the color of the third eye chakra and is associated with intuition and inner cognition. Its frequency is the second highest vibrational energy in the visible spectrum, and it is associated with a gift for deep intuition. People with an indigo aura are very sensitive to the energies of others and are very in tune – they tend to know things before they happen, hear things before they say, and dream clearly and real. They are sensitive, but develop that sensitivity to others in terms of empathy. Indigo tends to operate from deep feelings and emotions. logic. They are natural suitors and see the world as individuals larger than themselves. They understand that living in the moment and going with the flow is the key. Those with an indigo aura trust their intuition and can easily tell the truth from the false.

orange: Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, which is associated with creativity, sensuality, and our emotional subtlety. Orange is an energy center for communication and relationships, placing a high value on friendship and interaction with others. Those with an orange aura resonate with the vibration of joyful communication, whether it be related to work, resources, money, time, energy, or love. Because of their relativity and social skills, they have the power of teamwork. Those with an orange halo are highly insightful and incredibly dynamic. For people with an orange halo, strangers don’t stay strangers for long because friendships develop very quickly with these relationship experts. People with orange auras have a hard time sitting down because they are thrill seekers and want to experience everything the world has to offer. Because they crave novelty and sensations, vibrating on lower orange frequencies can lead to addiction or trouble in relationships.

pink: True, lighter pink is one of the rarer colors to appear in the aura. A bubblegum/pink halo can be seen around mild-mannered people and radiates a pleasing, loving energy to everyone they come into contact with. They are very sensitive, embrace the ideal of romantic love, and generally have a natural ability to keep romance alive and well in relationships. They are natural therapists and creatives, with some knowledge of intuitive abilities. Pink vibrates at a similar frequency to green and corresponds to the heart chakra. A person with a pale pink glow in the aura will bring a sense of comfort to those around you. Pink vibrations are bubbly and uplifting, as they correspond directly to the heart chakra, which is usually associated with feminine energy. Even in life’s most pressing challenges, a person with a pink aura can help heal others with a look, a smile, a nice word, or just being there. They remind us to be gentle with each other and all living things on earth.

save: Red is the color of the root chakra, which has to do with our connection to the body and the physical world around us. It appears in the aura of fearless individuals who have a natural understanding of their physical reality and enjoy manifesting desires in the material world. They are passionate and unapologetic about experiencing vibrant and rich adventures in their lives. It is this passion and restlessness that keeps them motivated in life. They are generally not afraid of death, birth, overindulgence​​​, sex appeal, or adrenaline-stimulating activities. Those who have red emissions in their energy fields are powerful people who rarely deny their physical pleasures. The saturation or brightness of the colors in your aura can mean different things. If the red in your aura is fuzzy or dark, you may be angry, frustrated, or traumatized. It can also indicate lack of energy, exhaustion, or overwork.

Violet (purple): Violet is the color of the crown chakra and is associated with our dreams and connection to higher consciousness. People with purple auras are energetic, charismatic, and have powerful personalities. Their mission or mission in life is to lead and inspire humanity and lead us into a new era of prosperity, happiness and wholeness. They have an inner drive to do something important in their life. They are visionaries with lofty ideals and hopes for the future. Because people with violet energies have both knowledge and intuition, they can often see and identify the “big picture” of any situation without getting caught up in the details. They are naturally empathetic and easily assess the vibrations of others. They are eager to connect and present themselves as open books to inspire and encourage others to share. The purple halo vibrates at a very high speed, indicating a close connection to the universe and unseen forms of life energy. Those who have purple emissions in their energy fields tend to have high levels of thought activity and the ability to project them into the physical world. They also exhibit a high degree of ingenuity when it comes to innovative ideas, progressive ideas, and open insights that focus on the entire universe’s life matrix.

yellow: Yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which governs our intelligence, self-esteem, and personal strength. Those with yellow in their energy field resonate with confidence, happiness, a strong sense of self, and the ability to inspire others to achieve greatness. They are natural leaders, often energetic and able to motivate others positively. People with a yellow aura encourage and support others by being themselves naturally. They shine like the sun, and they may also have a powerful ability to analyze complex concepts. Those who glow yellow are filled with inner joy, generosity, and naturally attract others. They are as warm and radiant as the sun. When the yellow in our aura is darker and stronger, we may be experiencing self-criticism, perfectionism, overconfidence, or an over-reliance on an ego-driven ego.

white: The pure white aura associated with the soul chakra, and no other color, is a sign of existence beyond the limitations of the physical realm. These extremely rare individuals—probably only a few in the entire planet—have no personal problems, hangups, and health issues, which is why their auras project pure white frequencies. The most common are those with white as well as other colors in their aura. These people are in a state of spiritual motivation, open and receptive to the universe. They are usually not concerned with worldly things or ambitions, but with purity and truth. They operate from a positive, uplifting and non-judgmental state. Inner illumination and the search for cosmic wisdom are characteristic of white energy. When white appears in the aura and appears cloudy or fuzzy, it can indicate a state of constant change, confusion, or waiting for answers.

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The image below shows where colors can appear in a portrait and what they mean in a photo

Humanistic atmosphere (Reiki Reiki)

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