DentalMonitoring Files Patent Infringement Suit Alleging Align Technology Owns Three Patents

Austin, Texas –(Business Wire) – DentalMonitoring SAS, inventor of the world’s first artificial intelligence-driven orthodontic remote monitoring and analysis solution, announced today that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Align Technology, Inc. – Manufacturer of Invisalign®. The lawsuit is pending in the Northern District of California.

In the lawsuit, DentalMonitoring claims that Align Technology’s Virtual Care AI solution infringes DentalMonitoring’s US patent. 10,755,409; 11,049,248; and 11,109,945.

Commenting on the legal proceedings, DentalMonitoring CEO and Co-Founder Philippe Salah said: “Founded in 2014, DentalMonitoring launched the world’s first AI-powered remote monitoring solution for orthodontics. To date, we have invested 150 million Euros, and has more than 200 patents and pending patent applications to cover the intellectual property we create. We have the full support of our board of directors, investors and employees to take active action to defend against any infringement of our patents. We believe that the US courts will make ruling in our favor.”

“DentalMonitoring has always focused on innovation and invested heavily in R&D to help our customers advance oral healthcare. It is in our DNA and we cannot tolerate others exploiting our intellectual property without any commercial agreement. We are grateful to our customers , thanks to key opinion leaders and staff for their support and contributions to what DentalMonitoring has achieved so far.”

About DentalMonitoring –

DentalMonitoring started with a simple idea: Oral care should be coherent and continuous – even outside of practice. The company created the world’s first dental virtual practice platform, protected by more than 200 patents and pending patent applications, to meet rapidly changing patient expectations. Drawing on the industry’s largest database of dental images, DentalMonitoring has developed the most advanced and comprehensive range of physician-driven AI solutions to help dental professionals deliver superior care and a better patient experience. From patient-led engagement and conversion, to delivering treatment plans through AI-generated reports and advanced smile simulations, to remote monitoring and analysis of all types of orthodontic treatment, DentalMonitoring’s unique platform gives orthodontic and dental professionals complete control over streamlined Evaluation and Communication. DentalMonitoring has more than 500 employees in 18 countries and 9 offices including Paris, Austin, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

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