DC Area Forecast: Rain in Ian arrives today, lingers all weekend

Subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

6/10: Despite the dark clouds, our weather was dry until mid to late afternoon when the rains started to arrive in #Ian.

  • today: Chances of rain in the afternoon. Highs: mid-1960s.
  • tonight: Rain and wind increase. Lows: As low as the mid-50s.
  • tomorrow: Cloudy, breezy, wet. Highs: Low to mid-60s.
  • Sunday: Partly cloudy with light winds and showers. Highs: Near the mid-60s to mid-60s.

Ian’s remnants could give us a rainy weekend. Rain will be slow and light later today, increasing in intensity and coverage after sunset. The heaviest and most widespread rain will begin tonight, especially around midnight. Sporadic flooding is possible as the rain waves move. Some dry moments are also possible. We will likely remain cloudy and wet on Tuesday, but at least the rainfall coverage and intensity are not constant or consistently heavy.

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Today (Friday): Any part of the morning sun will give way to cloudy skies that could turn overcast by early afternoon. Light showers and showers are possible in the afternoon, especially at sunset. Unless we see more sunshine and drier afternoon conditions than currently expected, the heat will likely only last into the mid-60s. Rainfall during the day should be kept to a minimum. A few northeasterly gusts near 25 mph are possible in the evening.Confidence: Medium to high

tonight: Over time, breezes, showers and rain waves become more stable and heavy. The heaviest rainfall, which could gain an inch or more overnight, reaches the early hours around midnight. Before dawn, northeasterly gusts of about 30 mph. The 50s to around 50s are probably the coolest temperatures we’ve seen overnight.Confidence: Medium to high

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Tomorrow (Saturday): Rain in the morning is probably the most consistent. The intensity should weaken over time, but additional downpours cannot be ruled out at any time of the day. The sky may still be cloudy. Strong northeasterly winds may reach 35 mph once or twice. In the wettest places, it could rain an extra inch, and you won’t see much elsewhere. High temperatures peaked in the mid- to mid-1960s.Confidence: Medium to high

Tomorrow evening: Breezes continue to weaken slowly, similar to rainfall intensity. It may be light, with intermittent waves or showers. With temperatures bottoming out in the mid- to mid-50s, the sky remains cloudy most of the time.Confidence: Moderate

Sunday: There will be occasional showers and possibly storms. Some waves may be moderate in intensity. The sky is mostly cloudy with some sunshine possible. Breezy winds could speed up to 25 mph again, but we’ll monitor. High temperatures are also less certain, probably closer to the mid-60s.Confidence: Moderate

Sunday night: Showers and even a thunderstorm or two are possible. We’ll have to see when Ian’s remnant center of low pressure is closest to our area. Low temperatures are likely to linger in the mid-50s with cloudy skies.Confidence: Moderate

Breezy winds and rainfall may only slowly weaken Monday and Tuesday. The high temperature should be near the mid 60s to mid 60s, as it appears now. That’s assuming showers, light winds and mostly cloudy skies continue. If Ian slows down, we may get a little more rain than currently expected.Confidence: low to medium

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