DC Area Forecast: Breezy today; remnants of Ian bring rainy weekend

Subjective assessment of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

9/10: A little too much breeze, but please sun and mild temperatures.

  • today: It was sunny in the afternoon and the clouds were getting higher. Highs: 70 to 74.
  • tonight: The clouds are increasing and the wind is blowing. Lows: 51 to 55.
  • tomorrow: Cloudy and breezy; little chance of evening showers. Highs: 66 to 70.

The next few days are mild and pleasant, mostly dry, so get out and enjoy. The weekend was little more than a shower orgy as the wreckage of Hurricane Ian snaked through the area. We probably won’t be leaving until Tuesday, and it looks like maybe 2 to 3 inches of rain. Where did I put that book of War and Peace?

Today is thursday): The morning was sunny and only a thin layer of high clouds might have started to drift off Ian. Breeze on the brisk side, sometimes gusty from the north at 20 mph. The highs were mostly in the lows of the 70s.Confidence: High

tonight: Clouds gradually increase during the night, with persistent slight northerly winds. The lows were mostly in the lows of the 50s.Confidence: High

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Tomorrow (Friday): Despite plenty of clouds, the chance of showers is low, mostly limited to later in the day. Over time, the northeasterly wind gradually strengthened and remained in the high 60s.Confidence: Medium to high

Tomorrow evening: Showers became more frequent as night fell and northeasterly winds formed. The overnight low was around the 50s.Confidence: Medium to high

Rainfall is fairly steady Saturday Northeasterly winds are continuing as the initial surge of tropical moisture rises from the south. Highs were in the mid to mid 60s. Much of the region is likely to get the next inch of rain, which should get lighter and more sporadic overnight. The lows remain in the mid to mid 50s.Confidence: Moderate

Sunday Since the main low pressure (Ian Wreck) is to our west, the showers are likely to remain lighter and more dispersed in nature. Clouds and gusts persist. The high was in the mid-60s and the low was in the mid-50s.Confidence: Moderate

Showers are preferred on Monday When a remnant of a low pressure system passes through the area. This could lead to another inch or two of rain. However, if high pressure prevails, the main rainfall could end south of us with much less rainfall. The highs were in the mid to mid 60s and the northeasterly winds came back.Confidence: low to medium

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