Dan Lanning quotes Ducks on taking care of business

The race is not expected to end, and the final product lives up to its expectations.

The Oregon Ducks beat some of the more important players on offense and defense, and the Oregon Ducks traveled to Boulder, Colorado on Saturday to beat Buffalo 49-10 in a convincing game The victory shows that Oregon can offer more than we ever imagined.

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By adding touchdowns to linebackers, linebackers, and receiving-end quarterbacks, it’s clear the Ducks are having a good time there. They’re now standing at 8-1, moving up the college football playoff rankings released Tuesday.

In the next 3 games, they host the Washington Huskies, which will determine whether the Ducks get a spot in the Pac-12 championship game in December. To say this week is important is an understatement.

After Saturday’s victory, head coach Dan Lanning met with members of the media to discuss the victory and began looking ahead to Washington. Here are some of his most famous quotes from that press conference.

About the Autzen-like atmosphere

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting setting, I’m glad to see a lot of duck fans in
stand today.I think our fans are impressed too
Appear.It’s always good to be on the road and love it
Sometimes you play in a home environment.i thought we
Played a more complete game today.we talked about playing
A four-quarter game, not just at midfield, we started
The offense is pretty fast, it does have some success on defense, and
Then we can finish the game as close as we want
can play.It’s a game we expect to do well, in Domination
Fashion. I think, for the most part, we did. Having said that,
Lots of things you take away we can clean up.us
Sometimes there are still some pre-penalty issues,
Gotta do better at defending the third.but our people
After playing, they are eager to get better.we’re gonna hit one
Stretching and some really tough races are coming.so
It’s great to see that we’re starting to work on improvements
As soon as we get back to Eugene.

Factors about wind

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I think it’s the windiest game I’ve ever coached.I can not
Think about the games I’ve been in
Gale, it’s different.you said it literally, we
It feels like we can’t throw the ball right now because of the wind.
Unique is how the wind continues to change.you
will feel it blowing in one direction after a minute, then
The next completely opposite direction.Of course, different
The situation is better than what we’re used to, but I think our people handled it
Excellent to think that our kicking game is actually solid
Considering we were able to kick a lot of kicks
endzone, no matter what direction we play.

About his Heisman candidate

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Bo did what we expected him to do.he set a standard
Now myself.Now, if he doesn’t operate by that standard, then
There is an expectation, I think he has higher expectations
Compare yourself to anyone. Really proud of my performance,
Really proud.I think the expo was the first to tell you
Performance is credit to the offensive line, that performance is
Credit for Bucky’s passing, credit for his performance
coaching staff.This is what makes Bo perform well but right
The way he handles things today.

About Tricks

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I think when you’re a full team and you’re hard
Predicting, it’s going to be harder to really prepare for you.some people will
Talk about how you save this save that for us
They’re not really tricks when you execute them
Consistent in practice.Having said that, we figured out
Neither the score nor the criteria will change here
Who are you playing.

About Christian Gonzalez playing with his former team

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Every time you talk to Christian this week, he just
Said it was just an ordinary game.But honestly, it’s not a
The normal game for Christians.how does he treat himself
want to perform.I have to go back to the movies to see it
How he did it obviously had two great games.

About his offensive coordinator

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Kenny (Dillingham) will be the first to tell you about our entire offensive team
It’s really in sync, our offensive tactics have always been
Sync, we did a great job setting up the drama.you see
Some dramas going on today.There are also several plays
was called and then we were checked because our
A quarterback can control the game like that.I see
how you guys might watch those different dramas but those are
Some of the same dramas we’ve called all year, then ours
The quarterback thinks it doesn’t exist, based on
see what we get

in some failed reports

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

In-depth reporting is a complete failure, we have one
Not even halftime.So that must be
disappointing. We have to do better in the third game.One
Several of our calls are designed to take certain actions
Actually they throw drama so it shouldn’t be there.We have
guide it better.Expect us to perform better in this situation
We will grow from it.

On Josh Connery’s touchdown

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

That game was a check.So if we
There is a certain expression.Thanks again for our performance
quarterback.It’s built in, if we have another play
With a certain look, we were able to check that game.we will go back
Again, our offensive staff and our preparations
player.Josh is ready for his moment, like that
It happened to be his birthday. so cool.

On Noah Sewell’s rushing touchdowns

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Never asked once, but he was definitely excited when we said it
exist.We watch explosive games every week, or really every
in the national team.Let’s pull some and that triple option type
Look, we feel like that’s something we can build, he
very suitable.

Facing a Husky for the first time

Jon Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I am excited.Obviously this is a game our fans love
keen.of course i understand
So do our teams, our players.we want to go there
Perform at a high level. They played very well.they have a
A tough win in unique circumstances last night.So, we gotta go
Had a great time there.When we got there, I
Guarantee our people will be ready.

About Preparing Huskies

Jon Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The preparations have really started.before we enter
next week.we’ve been spending time
goodbye week say ok what do we really want this week
Looks like we’re in the final stretch of the season?you
Don’t make it a different game than it is. but in the meanwhile,
There is an expectation that this is a big game for us and we
Want to win the game. But you do it through work.Yes
Go to work that’s what we do.Thursday
Do you change your daily life? unnecessary.you will do some
Things may be different, but you won’t change what you get

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