Community, business leaders gather downtown to discuss regional progress for Erie Homecoming

This week, community and business leaders gathered at the Gulf Convention Center to discuss regional progress.

Business leaders were impressed; they said the amount of development in the region since 2019 was notable.

The Erie Homecoming event is back.

Hundreds of leaders gathered to discuss investment and development in the area, many of whom toured the bay and downtown Erie by car.

The president of the Erie Regional Chamber of Commerce and Growth Partnership said it was exciting to show people the fruits of local investment.

“It’s part of what we see as a job every day. We see investment, we see enthusiasm, and it’s a way we can share with the community so they can all see the really amazing things happening here ,” said James Grunke, president of Erie Regional Chamber of Commerce and Growth Partnerships.

A local businessman said he was inspired to develop a property in downtown Erie after seeing investments made by others in the area.

“When the EDDC started their project, we decided to jump on the 12th Street corridor. So we’re now doing our third building renovation, followed by another. So we’re trying to remodel the 12th Street corridor,” Pete Zaphiris, sole and managing member of Great Lakes Insurance said.

Zaphiris said many of the new downtown businesses were just an idea a few years ago. He said more developments are being completed each year.

“They’re starting to see what’s going on. You know, where there are cranes, there are construction jobs all over the city. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent downtown over the past few years, and Erie is on the cusp of a massive change. ,” Zafiris said.

Erie Homecoming continues tomorrow at the Bayfront Convention Center.

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