Common Housefly wants to grow an online business

Michael Liss and his wife bought Common Housefly in 2014.

Michael Liss says Common Housefly is a scavenger hunt.

Liss bought the store with his wife in 2014 after moving to Black Mountain from Pennsylvania.

“It’s kind of serendipitous,” Liss said. “We both moved to Montenegro anyway, and my wife noticed it was for sale and she said, ‘Hey, I have a great idea. We should buy this store. So we did. For the past eight years I’ve been trying not to screw things up.”

Liss said he was willing to buy the store from the previous owner because he was “frustrated” with his job at the time. He previously had a small marketing business and said finding the next client was always difficult. Liss described his ownership of Common Housefly as a “pre-retirement thing”.

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