CLARITER’s groundbreaking chemical recycling technology is backed by latest investment from Infinite Recycling Circular Plastics Fund

Luxembourg, September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Clariter and Dutch impact investor Infinity Recycling are pleased to announce a strategic investment by Infinity’s Circular Plastics Fund to further develop Clariter’s commercial plants. With this investment, Infinity joins several organizations that invested in Clariter last year, underscoring the strong investor confidence in Clariter’s breakthrough chemical upcycling technology.

Growing environmental awareness among consumers has also boosted the momentum of circular economy innovators like Clariter, whose breakthrough chemical recycling technology can upcycle a wide range of plastics.

Clariter offers a new and profitable alternative to traditional plastic waste. The company’s proprietary technology converts most plastic waste streams into high-quality, high-value products that can be used as inputs in more than 1,000 sustainable industrial and consumer products.

With its profitable, net-carbon negative, and resource-efficient plastic-based product solutions, Clariter stands out in its field and has the potential to be a powerful solution to the world’s plastic waste problem.

Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastics Fund is designed to support companies in scaling up their proven advanced recycling technologies, making Clariter an ideal partner.

The two companies share the goal of: connecting value chains, proving the complementarity of machinery and advanced recycling, and ultimately solving the global plastic waste crisis.

“Clariter is on the cusp of a new phase of its development, with a global launch and rapid growth,” said Ran J. Sharon, Clariter’s founder and CEO. “We have spent 19 years perfecting our technology to create a A viable solution to plastic waste – creating high High-quality, high-value products are extracted from most types of plastic waste using efficient processes with minimal waste and emissions. Once you have a mature and market-ready technology, now is the perfect time to partner with an expansion-oriented impact investor like Infinity. This investment will accelerate our growth and move us faster towards a sustainable future. ”

Jan William MullerInfinity’s Managing Partner added: “Having followed Clariter’s development over the past few years, we are delighted to see the company’s progress in growing the business, and their focus on ESG, and we are eager to help Clariter mature to support the Circular Plastics Fund. based on the principles of sustainability. Infinity is pleased to step in as an investor and support the expansion of technologies that differentiate themselves in the plastics recycling industry by creating end products that can be used directly in the plastics recycling industry. Manufacturing of consumer goods, reducing market exposure to fossil feedstocks dependence.”

The investment was made in accordance with Section 9 of the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which increases the transparency of the sustainable investment product market and reduces greenwashing risks.

about Clarifier:
Clariter, a global cleantech company, has developed a chemical recycling process that provides a solution to the plastic waste epidemic. This proprietary high-efficiency technology converts plastic waste into high-quality, high-value products: oils, waxes and solvents that can replace fossil products. Clariter offers a commercially attractive combination of profitability and sustainability.

For more details, please contact Clariter’s public relations experts, Barbara Chechelskaexist: [email protected].

About unlimited recycling:
Unlimited recycling is RotterdamInvestment fund managers create markets for end-of-life waste streams by investing in advanced recycling technologies. The team’s experience in commodity trading and growth capital investing provides technology companies with considerable value, helping to turn valuable intellectual property into profitable, scalable businesses. The fund is committed to achieving strong ESG performance and is classified as an Article 9 ‘dark green’ impact fund, the highest level under the EU Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

SOURCE: Clariter SA; Infinite Recycling

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