Cedarville University begins construction of business center, plans to build more student housing

White said the estimated cost of building the Scharnberg Center increased by about $8 million due to inflation and labor costs. University leaders previously told the Dayton Daily News that the difference will be made up by an “unspecified” donation to the capital movement.

Cedarville trustees also recently approved the construction of more student accommodation, citing rising enrolments. In August, the university opened its $7.5 million Duanewood residence hall, housing 108-120 women, and a 120-bed residence hall is under construction in Cedarville, White said. Next fall, the university will add another 300-bed residence hall.

The two new dorm programs are separate from the university’s capital campaign and don’t yet have a price tag, White said.

“We’re now adding more than 5,000 students for the first time in our history,” he said. “Our freshman class is up over 17 percent year-over-year with record enrollment, which is great.”

To date, the university has raised $114.5 million towards the $125 million goal of the Thousand Days campaign. Of that, $92.5 million was used to improve university facilities. Other projects include a $7 million restaurant and community space, and a $3 million civil engineering center, both due in 2020.

In August, Cedarville spent $8 million to expand the Callan Sports Center, adding new athletic facilities, as well as new classrooms, labs and an administrative center. The university also plans to build another academic building on the east side of the campus near State Highway 72.

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