Camera tech helps Jackson police catch criminals

Jackson, Michigan. (WLNS) – Driving near Jackson and your license plate may show up on camera. It’s part of a technique the Jackson Police Department uses to catch criminals, and leaders say it’s working.

“Using this technology yesterday, we recovered two different wanted men on significant charges,” said Jackson Police Deputy Chief Sergio Garcia.

One is wanted for fraud, the other is wanted for sexual misconduct, and it’s all through this eye in the sky. This is the technology that the Jackson Police Department has placed at key points around the city. When cars enter and leave city limits, they are zoned on the license plate. The department said it was needed.

“One of the big things we see is organised crime, like retail fraud gangs operating outside of our communities. When we get vehicle information that might be relevant, let us know they are in our community, so we Can start taking some positive steps with our retailers and those with a lot of warrants,” Garcia said.

The cameras, installed months ago, are helping them catch criminals faster than ever, officials said.

“In the end it’s just a turnaround time for some crimes and it does help us uncover some possible suspects, leads and cases that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Same goes for the turnaround time for stolen vehicles. We’re getting those back earlier than we used to be. .”

The department said there’s no need to worry about invasion of privacy, as the cameras will only capture license plates as cars pass by.

“It’s just part of the vehicle. The number plate and the back of it, so we can see the number plate and the color of the vehicle, it’s no different from a police officer standing on the street watching the vehicle go by.”

These cameras cost about $2,500 a year to run and can be updated. At next week’s City Council meeting, the community is invited to comment on how the nearly $50,000 grant will be spent on enforcement. This will include updating those cameras.

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