Business Spotlight: Coni & Franc

Morgantown, WV (WDTV) – “We focus on doing unique things that we don’t find elsewhere,” Connie Merandi.

Connie Merandi or Coni and Franc has run the clothing store with her husband Franc for 40 years and she has everything you need to make your princess dreams come true.

“Everything we do starts with the skin, we do lingerie and everyday wear, we do sportswear, we do interview and workwear, we do cocktail and evening gowns, homecoming prom dresses, and bridal, we do bridal Mothers and bridesmaids and everything that goes in. The wonderful events that happen in our lives”, Connie Merandi.

Yes, she has everything you could want, but they focus on making women feel beautiful and seen.

“We really love seeing the transformation that happens when someone comes in and seeing them share their aspirations for what they need and then we can figure out how to dress them and give them the confidence to help them plan what they need , becoming who they are now is about to emerge, so it’s great to see the transformation, to see the confidence and the joy,” Connie Merandi.

Helping you find your dream outfit is a priority, but Connie wants to make sure her customers keep shopping for generations to come.

“You know I like to wait for people who bring their lives into ours, as they come into our home, so like a few years ago, I might start with a lovely lady who might have bought raised her daughter and now she’s taking care of her granddaughter so my favorite part is seeing the generations come and I can take care of them all,” Connie Merandi.

Opening a clothing store is not as whimlike as hiring a fairy lady.

It was a big risk, but one of the Merandis said it was a path they knew they had to take.

“Whenever this opportunity comes, I think we don’t have fear. We don’t have fear. I think we should, but we don’t know any better, so we hop on a plane and go to New York and have a line or credit $25,000 and that’s it. Our Beginning,” Connie Merandi.

Coni and Franc are open Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm and you can call the store to make a featured appointment.

“Every day here is a celebration, we’ll open a bottle of Prosecco and toast and thank God for all the blessings we have, Connie and Franc being one of them, the rest are our customers”, Connie Merandi .

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