Business experience required in Lin County

Brett Mason | Lynn County District 2

Business experience matters, and Lin County needs experienced business leaders!

Insist on being the best, delivering the best, delivering win-win solutions, derived from experience. Business leaders know this and work for it. The result is a win-win for residents, workers and suppliers.

Business leaders are willing to risk criticism and harsh words in order to provide the best possible service. We focus on goals, develop plans and budgets, and then lead our teams to deliver.

Great leaders gather people with great ideas. Usually we choose someone who is more skilled than us. Then we make sure they can thrive so that we can all provide the best possible service.

Visionary leaders don’t settle for “good enough.” We’ve been focused on delivering and asking, is this what’s best for our people, for our customers, will our suppliers go with us? Never settle for “enough”.

Fearless leaders see obstacles, see a path through them, and ultimately embrace the vision of success. Good leaders always look at multiple paths to success and are able to navigate risk, avoid some risks, accept some risks, and mitigate risks that can be changed.

Good leaders admit their mistakes. I missed an assessment at the Mental Health Access Center. I was wrong and understood some failures. The Access Center serves a huge need in Lin County. Take care of clients and avoid inappropriate treatment. Ben Rogers can be proud of this institution, he has done a great job of putting it in place.

Business leaders are tough. They faced financial difficulties, even bankruptcy, and learned to be resilient. They learned to persevere. Not wanting to miss a payroll, business leaders fight for their employees and make sure everyone arrives and is taken care of. Getting paid month after month, year after year, is an achievement few understand. We have an excellent team of workers. We have to get jobs, lead jobs, deliver jobs, pay for them without losing our own people.

Charismatic leaders build relationships, win the support of others, and create a team that’s ready for tough times. Making friends and influencing others are key skills in the marketplace. People love friendly and trustworthy leaders!

Visionary leaders see the purpose and don’t waver. They take the time to bring others into the vision, and they listen to wise team members to reshape the path and deliver the best possible service. Vision is everything and getting people there is key!

Most importantly, a true leader is passionate about what he or she does. “Feel the power of doing anything that excites you.” —Oprah

Lin County is ready for real leadership, business leadership. As a seasoned business leader, I bring vision, passion, courage and tenacity. I think Lynn County is a great county, healthy, with great communities and schools, great job opportunities, great outdoors, and a great place to retire. Lynn County should always have been. Let’s take Lynn County to the next level.

Vote Brett Mason as Supervisor on November 8th!

Brett Mason is the Republican nominee for District 2 in Lynn County.

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