Blockchain and Metaverse Technology Revolution

New York- (Business Wire)–Source Info Tech Inc., one of the leading IT service providers in the United States, will adopt Web 3.0 technology to change major industries by launching its latest IT vertical “Metaverse Blockchain Solution (MBS)”. The company announced that it will now provide IT services, products and strategic consulting to enterprises and clients of blockchain and Metaverse technologies.

Today, leading organizations are adopting blockchain technology, and soon all industries will transform their data storage and data authentication mechanisms to significantly increase productivity. Unilever, Walmart and Nike are some of the many companies entering the Web 3.0 arena, and many more will follow.

MBS is designed to help businesses understand how to benefit from this revolutionary technology and offer products and services for their specific use cases.

Interestingly, Metaverse Blockchain Solutions (MBS) can provide blockchain technology for e-commerce, retail, healthcare, education, media, banking and many other industries including the supply chain field to improve efficiency, reduce cost and eliminate the risk of data storage and data ownership. It has a technical team of more than 350 people with extensive experience and extensive expertise to ensure that all customer needs are met.

Alok Dharayan, co-founder of Metaverse Blockchain Solutions, said: “The world today is going through a Web 3.0 wave, which is exactly the same as the Internet wave in the early 2000s. Today, one cannot imagine a world without the Internet and remain competitive, every industry and Organizations must embrace blockchain and Metaverse technologies.”

About the company

Metaverse Blockchain Solutions is a leading end-to-end Metaverse and blockchain development service provider. It is an expert in developing tailored decentralized ecosystems for businesses and entrepreneurs. People can harness the power of blockchain systems to implement and secure their businesses using blockchain technology.

The company provides rigorous Web 3.0-based metaverse and virtual reality development services to a large number of enterprises. Metaverse Blockchain Solutions is determined to elevate the web 3.0 experience through true excitement and unparalleled development. The company has a client base primarily in the US, UK and UAE, including top universities in education and top celebrities in the entertainment industry, but operates globally.

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