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Joe Biden will speak at the IBM site in Poughkeepsie, New York at approximately 2 p.m. ET.

Biden is expected to speak on topics including job creation and cost reduction in the Hudson Valley.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on his address.

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“The future of the chip industry will be made in America…Many of these high-paying jobs don’t require a college degree,” Biden said.

“This is the largest investment of its kind in the U.S.,” Biden said as he celebrated the passage of a $280 billion legislative plan this summer aimed at boosting the U.S. semiconductor industry and scientific research.

Joe Biden will speak at the IBM site in Poughkeepsie, New York at approximately 2 p.m. ET.

Biden is expected to speak on topics including job creation and cost reduction in the Hudson Valley.

Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on his address.

The Biden administration has announced that the United States will begin screening travelers from Uganda for the Ebola virus as an additional precaution aimed at preventing the spread of the outbreak in the African country, according to the Associated Press.

The federal government on Thursday expressed support for a lawsuit by New York City seeking to stop the spread of “ghost guns” as city and state officials seek to hold sellers of the largely untraceable guns accountable.

In a “statement of interest” filed in Manhattan federal court, the Justice Department expressed “grave concern” about the proliferation of ghost guns and said kits containing weapon parts are classified as firearms under federal gun control laws.

“Ghost guns are a major contributor to the ongoing plague of gun violence,” U.S. Attorney Breon Peace U.S. Attorneys in Brooklyn said in a statement accompanying the documents, Damian Williams Also signed in Manhattan.

“The United States will continue to use all available means, including civilian tools, to prevent ghost guns and other illegal firearms from falling into the hands of criminals and to reduce the risk of gun violence. The United States files an interest in this important lawsuit. statement to ensure the courts understand the federal government’s view of the relevant gun regulations,” he added.

New York City and State Attorney General Letitia James Two lawsuits were filed on June 29, alleging 10 out-of-state dealers created a public nuisance by selling unfinished frames and receivers to in-state buyers.

Ghost guns do not have serial numbers and can be obtained without a background check, potentially making people ineligible to buy a firearm to make a finished gun.

“We’re not going to let gun companies turn New York into a mail-order murder city,” New York City mayor Eric Adams said when announcing the citywide lawsuit.

Both lawsuits were filed six days after the Supreme Court overturned a century-old New York law that severely restricted the carrying of firearms outside the home.

Federal law largely protects gun makers from lawsuits over shootings. There is an exception when the seller knowingly violates firearm sales and marketing regulations.

Three of the five defendants in the city’s lawsuit have settled and agreed to stop sales to city residents.

Steven DonzigerOne Human rights lawyer, environmental justice advocate and Guardian US columnist, wrote today about the “horrific case” about to be heard by the US Supreme Court…

As we all know, the fierce competition between democracy, authoritarianism and fascism is playing out in various ways around the world – including in the United States.these years Supreme Court The semester started this week, vividly illustrating that the situation is actually worse than most people realize.

The vast majority of the six unelected ultra-conservative justices — five of whom were appointed to the bench by a president who did not win the popular vote — actively seized another batch of cases that would allow them to push U.S. law To the far right and threaten American democracy.The prime example of this disturbing shift is a little-known case called Moore v Harperwhich could lock down right-wing control in America for generations.

At the heart of the Moore case is a formerly fringe legal concept called Independent State Legislature (ISL) Theory. This theory argues that vague provisions in the U.S. Constitution that allow state legislatures to make “when, where, and how” rules for federal elections should not be subject to judicial oversight. In other words, state legislatures should have absolute power to decide how to conduct federal elections without court intervention.

Consider this theory in the context of the last US election.back Joe Biden beat Donald Trump In both the popular vote and the Electoral College, Trump tried to organize a massive intimidation campaign to steal the election, which was staged in the January 6 attack on the Capitol.But behind the scenes, the legal centerpiece of the attempt is persuading many Republican-controlled state legislatures (30 of the 50) Arizona, Georgia and Michigan Trump lost the popular vote.

If Trump succeeds, he will “win” the election through the Electoral College (itself an anti-democratic relic) and be able to stay in power. If the Supreme Court buys theory in Moore, that could easily happen in 2024 and beyond.Actually it is possible Republicans will never lose another election If this theory is adopted into law. Or to put it another way, it doesn’t matter if the Republicans win or lose the election by popular vote, because they’ll be able to stay in power no matter what.

That’s not democracy.

Judge blocks New York gun laws

A federal judge temporarily blocked some New York State’s New Gun Laws,in order to American gun ownersan advocacy group, pursued lawsuits challenging the legislation.

Reuters reports:

“The law, which went into effect on September 1, imposes new requirements for obtaining a license, including submitting social media accounts for review and a list of public and private venues where gun possession is a felony, even for licensees. is also like this.

Lawmakers in New York’s Democratic-controlled legislature passed the law in an emergency session in July after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the state’s gun licensing system was unconstitutional National Rifle Associationa powerful gun owners rights group.

Thursday, Glenn SadabiThe chief judge of the U.S. District Court in Syracuse agreed to issue the order at the request of six New York resident members of the American Gun Owners Organization, which competes with the National Rifle Association for political influence. Suddaby said his order would not go into effect for three days to allow the New York government to appeal.

Suddaby ruled last month that much of the new law was unconstitutional in dismissing an earlier lawsuit by American gun owners, in which he found that neither the group nor individual members of it had standing to sue until the law went into effect. ”


Martin Pengelly

Martin Pengelly

mayor of florida Joe Biden He caused a little viral fuss by uttering swear words that were caught by a live microphone, saying the president’s f-bomb didn’t bother him in the slightest.

The two met on Wednesday when Biden visited the Florida area hit by Hurricane Ian. The president was heard to say, “Nobody’s going to mix with Biden.”

The incident sparked a small media storm. The White House had no comment.

Ray MurphyThe Fort Myers Beach mayor told NBC: “It’s not aimed at anyone. It’s just two people talking. It doesn’t bother me. That’s how two people from our respective backgrounds talk to each other.”

We have a video of that time:

Joe Biden Swears On Hot Mic – Video

Murphy told NBC that he and the president quickly discovered they had a lot in common.

“We are all Irish Catholics,” he said. “We are all devout Catholics. But every time [in] After a while, a bit of salty words came out. “

Biden has used hot mics and salty language before. Most famously, in 2010, he enlivened the signing of the Affordable Care Act by telling his then-boss, Barack Obama: “This is a fucking big deal.”

Biden later told NPR: “Thank goodness my mother wasn’t around to hear it.”

When Biden called a Fox News reporter in January, he seemed to think his microphone was off, Peter Ducey, “a stupid bastard” asks a question about inflation. The president said sorry.

Martin Pengelly

Martin Pengelly

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a health advisory on Ebola outbreak in Uganda.

The alert summarizes “recommendations for public health authorities and clinicians, case identification and testing, and clinical laboratory biosafety considerations.”

The federal agency emphasized that the alert is a precautionary measure because “there have been no suspected, probable or confirmed cases of EVD associated with this outbreak in the United States.”

It said it was designed to raise awareness among clinicians.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that the Biden administration “will begin to reschedule U.S.-bound travelers who have been to Uganda in the past 21 days to be screened for Ebola at five major U.S. airports.”

The change is expected to take effect in the next week or so, one of the sources said.Passengers need to arrive New York – JFK, Newark, Atlanta, Chicago O’Hare or Washington Dulles. There was no vaccine against the Sudanese strain during the recent infection in Uganda.

The Biden White House does have experience dealing with Ebola. Ron Kleinthe president’s chief of staff, is Barack Obama’s Ebola Czar During the 2014 outbreak.

In 2020, in the darkest days of the Covid pandemic, Klein wrote for The Guardian: “Of the many hard days of 2014-15 coordinating the US fight against Ebola, none were more difficult than November 29, 2014. More painful days, when I was at the funeral Martin Saliaa doctor who left Maryland to return to his hometown of Sierra Leone to help deal with the devastating toll of health care workers during the pandemic.

“Dr. Saria contracted Ebola while performing the surgery; when he was airlifted back to the US for treatment, he was too ill to be saved. At his funeral, I noticed that although history is full of accidental heroes and reluctant heroes, but ‘the greatest heroes are those who choose to face danger and willingly risk it to help others.'”

Here’s Klein’s full work:

day so far

Democrats are angered by Saudi Arabia’s push to OPEC+ to cut oil output, which could push up U.S. natural gas prices as voters head to the midterm elections. at the same time, Joe Biden Already on a long day trip, he will tout a chip bill to boost semiconductor production and attend two fundraisers for Democrats as the party prepares to defend its slim control in the House and Senate.

Here’s what else happened so far today:

  • Herschel WalkerThe Republican candidate for the Georgia Senate says he “knows nothing” about a woman’s claim that he paid for an abortion for her – and then had a child with him.

  • Republicans May decide to impeach the secretary of homeland security Alejandro Mayorcas If they win a majority in the House of Representatives.

  • election deniers The Washington Post found that no matter what happens, it seems poised to win many games in the upcoming midterms.

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