Bentonville Festival combines music, art and technology

Bentonville, Arkansas. (KNWA/KFTA) — A new music festival will be held in Bentonville on Friday, September 9th. September 23 to Sunday. 25, which promises to change the status quo.

Organisers say the FORMAT festival aims to break the mold and combine live music with art and technology.

An example of this concept is an art installation called “Nova Heat” where you enter via porta potties and walk through the artwork to the stage. Another includes so-called “The Cube”, a multi-layered 4D music experience.

Art is intertwined in many places to listen to music, most of which were built on site.

If you’re heading to FORMAT, be sure to check out the free shuttles and transportation offered by the festival, as no parking is allowed on the venue. Another thing to be aware of is what you can and cannot bring, you can find more information here.

FORMAT organizers are also focusing on safety at the weekend event and say if you need any help or see anything related to you on site, please find a member of the safety team or festival staff. On-site security and emergency medical personnel will be provided during the festival.

FORFAMT producer Elizabeth Edelman said that when choosing the festival’s location, they were inspired by the popularity of the idea among the people of Northwest Arkansas.

“Our purpose with this show is to democratize art and take it outside of the traditional spaces you’ll see in a gallery or museum, and we think there’s already a strong belief in northwest Arkansas,” Edelman said. Say.

The festival is attracting big-name performers, but also aims to focus on local musicians and vendors. You can check out the weekend lineup here.

Edelman said they hope the festival continues and that over time Northwest Arkansas will be proud to host it in their backyards.

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