Auto repair shop owner charged with running grocery store

Memphis, Tennessee — The owner of a Binghampton auto repair shop does more than fix cars at the Summer Avenue Company, police say.

The MPD said its auto theft task force found a stamp shop at Sal’s Tire and Complete Automotive Repair on Thursday and took 60-year-old Salvador Guevara Reyes into custody.

Salvador Guevara Reyes

Investigators said they found a number of vehicles in various stages of disrepair, with 65 engines removed, transmissions removed and doors, nuts and bolts removed.

At least four vehicles were identified as stolen between February 12, 2019 and August 19, 2022.

Police said Reyes admitted he was the sole owner of the tire and repair shop and said he purchased two of the stolen cars from a towing company.

Sal’s Tire and Complete Automotive Repair was open for business on Friday, but employees said they would not comment on the boss’ arrest.

Reyes was charged with stealing property and violating chop laws. A manager of the company was also arrested, but has so far not been charged.

Reyes was released on his own guarantee. He is scheduled to appear in court on September 26.

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