Amogy deploys its technology on tank barges

Brooklyn-based technology startup Amogy Inc. has entered into a strategic partnership with Southern Devall (formerly Southern Towing Company & Devall Towing) that will allow Amogy’s ammonia-based power technology to make its commercial debut in the global marine market.

Namely, Amogy’s zero-emission ammonia power generation system will be deployed on a tank barge for the first time. The system converts ammonia into hydrogen for use in fuel cells or as a more energy-dense method of transporting hydrogen over long distances.

Southern Devall specializes in the transportation of bulk liquid chemicals and fertilizer products in the Mississippi River and Gulf inland waterway systems. The company currently serves a significant portion of the ammonia production market and supplies ammonia to export terminals along the U.S. inland waterways, as well as to agricultural and chemical customers.

Amogy said the partnership will provide it with fixed ammonia infrastructure and the expertise of the Southern Devall team in handling ammonia and offshore operations.

Amogy and Southern Devall have started work on their first technology deployment, a barge conversion expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

The Amogy power unit will generate the electricity needed to re-liquefy ammonia as it heats up during sailing, rather than a diesel generator set. The Amogy system will keep ammonia tank pressure low, enabling Southern Devall to deliver ammonia to customers after they arrive, and increase the utilization and profitability of their fleet. The system has passed an initial safety review and recently received Lloyd’s Register Approval in Principle (AiP).

Following barge integration and demonstrations, Amogy and Southern Devall plan to retrofit additional barges and tugs to create an ammonia-powered fleet that includes cargo ships and bunkering barges.

“Southern Devall shares Amogy’s passion for driving innovation, making it the perfect strategic partner to support our commercial entry into the US marine market,” Say Sung Hoon WooCEO of Amogy.

“Working with their team, we will have a first-mover advantage in this area by expanding access to ammonia infrastructure and industry knowledge, putting us on the right track to demonstrate the operational capabilities of our platform on large offshore vessels.”

“Amogy has built an impressive platform that our team believes is an ideal solution for introducing cost efficienciesEfficient, zero-carbon bunkering and power supply operations for the inland barge industry,” Say Sam LewisVice President of Engineering at Southern Devall.

“The mass adoption of their solution across our fleet has environmental and economic benefits by increasing deliveries.”

In the United States, the inland shipping sector produces an estimated 6.2 million tons of carbon dioxide2 annual emissions. Many operators in the industry rely on old, high-investment equipment, vessels and barges dating back to the 1960s. The collaboration between Amogy and Southern Devall aims to demonstrate scalable, cost-effective fleet refurbishment solutions to improve quality and introduce zero-carbon electricity and bunkering capabilities.

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