Allen ’72 and Joan Henriques

“MIT was a very humbling experience for me,” said Alan Henricks, one of the first generation of a Midwestern family to attend college. “But the end of four years has also given me the confidence to move forward in the world.”

The legacy of Dr Edgerton. Allen has held successful leadership roles at several technology companies, and his wife, Joan, enthusiastically supports the MIT Edgerton Center, established in 1992 in honor of the late Harold “Doc” Edgerton, SM’ 27, ScD ’31, inventor, entrepreneur, and beloved MIT professor. When Allen was an undergraduate campus tour guide, his favorite stop was Edgerton’s Strobe Lab, where he would often encounter the supposedly retired professor assisting undergraduates with projects.Allen said the Edgerton Center combines Humanity and manuscriptproviding students with valuable maker space.

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