Algo modernizes Microsoft-Amazon business data exchange

Troy, Michigan, September 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digital transformation services and supply chain software provider Algo has successfully modernized the way Microsoft receives business data from Amazon.

Rusty StikaThe Microsoft Data Modernization Program business program manager praised Algo for its agility, precision, and professionalism. “Algo’s technical and functional experts did an excellent job. They quickly integrated the data from the new Amazon API and ensured that it was complete and accurate. I was impressed with the clarity and communication with which they interacted with us. , and the speed at which they deliver projects.”

As a global supplier of computing hardware, Microsoft has been receiving order information and related details from Amazon via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) sources. Algo helps Microsoft replace these scheduled data pushes with on-demand data requests using Amazon’s Selling Partner API (SP-API). Algo successfully implemented SP-API for all Microsoft geographic regions within 5 weeks.

Organizations have been using EDI for digital B2B communications for decades. Senders typically transmit data in batches on a daily or weekly basis, making near real-time updates impossible. Not only do application programming interfaces (APIs) like SP-API enable near real-time updates; they also reduce data exchange cost and complexity.

Algo reduces manual data management efforts by setting up automated SP-API feeds from Amazon to Microsoft. During data integration, Algo performed comprehensive data validation, which resulted in the identification and recovery of significant lost sales.

Emily SlavikChief Product Officer at Algo, citing the collective experience of the implementation team as a key factor in the success of the project. “Integrating API data from all Microsoft regions was challenging,” she said, “but the expertise of our data engineers and supply chain experts helped us ensure project timelines were adhered to without compromising data quality. API calls will achieve nearly Real-time reporting of sales and operational data from Amazon will also provide a solid foundation for future digital transformation initiatives.”

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Algo uses technology to turn information into opportunity, breathe new life into our understanding of supply and demand, and give retailers, distributors, and manufacturers the opportunity to achieve more for their organizations. Our professional services help our clients accelerate and maximize efficiency at every stage of their digital transformation journey, from infrastructure and data management to business process optimization and automation.

Algo’s omnichannel SaaS platform combines AI and machine learning with deep domain expertise to help suppliers and retailers plan, simulate and execute more efficient supply chains through intelligent automation, actionable analytics and digital twins. Algo’s unique collaborative user experience helps business users streamline sales and operations planning to avoid out-of-stocks, reduce write-downs and returns, and optimize inventory spending.

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