Additional police patrols and tech after string of crimes near UNLV

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (FOX5) – Operations managers near Flamingo and University Center Drive near UNLV are responding to increased police patrols following several recent crimes in the area, including stabbings.

Today, Las Vegas police arrested a man they say in connection with four stabbings of homeless people in a week. Christopher Martell is suspected of stabbing two people and stabbing two others, police said.

“Our first incident occurred last Wednesday when a homeless woman was found stabbed to death near the 1400 block of University Avenue, and our second incident occurred two days ago with another homeless woman The returning woman was stabbed to death in the 1500 block of Flamingo,” said Captain Dory Collen.

Lt. Jason Johansson said the department immediately developed their protocol for major cases.

Police said they installed police cameras and sent more officers to patrol after the first two stabbings.Then after last night’s stabbing, they were able to check the video and track down the suspect

“Yesterday around 5:50pm, officers from South Central Regional Command responded to a report of a stabbing in the East Flamingo 2700 block, as police reported to the scene, the description of the suspect has been given, thankfully, thanks to undercover cameras in the area,” Lt. Johnson said.

Now, a makeshift memorial represents a stabbing victim, a 74-year-old woman. Police said she was killed near Flamingo and Algonquin.

Ahead of the stabbing frenzy, Metro held a news conference about the Sept. 10 shooting of a police officer near Flamingo and University Centre Drive.

During that briefing, Assistant Sheriff John McGrath said, “This part of the valley is known as a hotspot for violent crime.”

To reduce violent crime in the area, Assistant Sheriff McGrath said they will increase patrols.

Operations managers in the area have noticed an increased police presence.

“Especially at the University Center, I drive down that road almost every time I drive, like the police you know are on patrol,” said Jaron, assistant manager of TIABI Coffee & Waffle.

Christopher Wultch manages Kabob Korner near Flamingo and University Center Drive.

“Yes, I have, more traffic stops, they’ve been in front of our business a lot lately — more traffic stops,” Wultch said, referring to more patrols.

The Las Vegas Smoke Shop & Vape is next door.

“Safety is your number one priority, and we’re open late into the night, so it can be a little scary, especially in this environment and this business, but just safety,” Christie Esparza said.

Both Esparza and Wultch say the homeless population is their biggest problem. There are weekly accommodations in the area, so new faces are often seen.

Both were happy to see more police showing up.

“It’s safer, a little bit safer. You know the area sucks, but with them around and they come here for dinner, you know we feel safe,” Wultch said.

As for the suspects linked to the stabbing, Martell faces two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

He did not appear in court today, so his next court appearance is Tuesday.

Police said they do not currently know a motive.

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